Monday , September 20 2021

Psychic Readings

If a Psychic Prediction is Real, Why Can’t it be Proven?

I think there is more to reality than what science has (or can) describe.  However, if such proof of paranormal occurrences is so pervasive, as they seem to be by your accounts, why are there still skeptics?  Surely some sort of data can be shown to the world that conclusively …

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Do’s & Don’ts When Asking Questions to Psychics

Before you phone a psychic or start shuffling those Tarot cards take a few moments to get clear about your intention in seeking advice. Keep in mind that psychic counselor talents do vary. Do’s and Don’ts – Guidelines for Posing Your Questions Consider the focus desired or personal need when deciding what …

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A Guide on Selecting a Psychic

In everyone’s life there comes a time when professional challenges, relationship hurdles and personal setbacks require a difficult decision. Yet often we are too emotionally connected to make a practical choice. Should you ask your boss for a promotion? Is it time to put the hard word on your long …

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A Guide in Choosing the Right Spiritual Advisor

Some people interchange the definitions of psychics, intuitive, and mediums.  Some who use the terms for themselves aren’t really sure what they mean. In connecting to a guide it’s important to know what type of work they will be performing for you, what their style is and where they get …

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