Leaving Bad Relationships Behind

Leaving Bad Relationships Behind

Some people will stay in relationships that are no longer serving them because they have been in the relationship for so long that they feel that it will be easier to stay than leave. These kinds of relationships can make them feel depressed or uncomfortable and can be unhealthy for them.

There are some signs though that you should look at and know that it might be time to leave your partner and move on. It doesn’t mean that you can’t work through things and make your love stronger but if you don’t, do you really want to stay in a bad relationship? Here are some signs it might be time to leave a bad relationship behind!

Constantly Breaking Up and Getting Back Together

Most couples will breakup and then get back together. This might be through times that are hard. Other couples though will constantly breakup and get back together because even though their relationship is bad, they are afraid of being alone and afraid that they won’t ever find love again.

Couples that do this are ones that argue a lot and they aren’t sure what the future holds for them as a couple. Sometimes though there are couples that go through this, and it makes their relationship stronger.

  • You Hate Who You Are

If you hate who you are in your relationship it can be tiring. You might have become distant to your friends and family because of your partner, or you might feel that your goals are no longer in reach. If you have a partner that is way putting you down and they aren’t supporting you, why are you staying?

  • They Put You Down

No one should be in a relationship where your partner is constantly putting you down. This is unhealthy and when someone criticizes you constantly, it will cause you to have a lower self esteem and to have problems within who you are.

When your partner blames you for everything and they insult you, this can cause you and your partner to lose respect for each other. If this happens a lot, you might want to move on.

  • You Fear Being Alone

One of the biggest reasons that people stay in bad relationships is because they fear being alone. This isn’t a good enough reason to stay in a relationship. If you are with your partner just because you’re afraid of being alone, the quality of the relationship is likely not great. Fear or worry of being alone should never keep you in a relationship that isn’t good for you.

  • Stuck in the Past

If you are constantly thinking about how great it was to be single, chances are that the relationship isn’t great. Also, if you keep thinking about how strong your love was at the beginning and how much fun you used to have but you don’t have that now, then you might not be in the relationship for the right reasons anymore.

  • They Are Unpredictable

There are some couples that get along great but sometimes one in the relationship will be hard to get along with because they are so unpredictable in their emotions. They might be kind and loving one minute and then be nagging and angry the next. This can leave you feeling scared and feeling like you can’t be who you are without making your partner upset.

This can happen due to them being stressed or depressed or them having unresolved anger issues. If your partner knows that this happens but they won’t work on it with you then you might want to choose to leave the situation.

  • The Relationship Isn’t Deep

Maybe you just started dating someone and you haven’t opened up to each other yet. You have conversations that talk about hobbies and superficial things when you are looking to talk about the future together. If you are newly dating, this isn’t unusual but if you’re in a long-term relationship and they are still not talking about having a future with you then this can be a sign to move on.

Your partner might not want to commit long term to you, and they might just not be the one meant for you. Maybe they were rejected in the past or maybe they had a hard family, and they weren’t allowed to open up about their feelings. Whatever the reason is, when you feel that you’ve waited long enough, move on.

  • It is One Sided

Do you have a partner that wants to be with you when they need something or when they’ve had a bad day? But when you need them, they aren’t around? If you are constantly giving and not getting or any of these things are happening, it might be a toxic relationship.

  • They Manipulate you

If you have a partner that is constantly threatening to leave you if you don’t do what they want, this is manipulation. They are using your fear of being left as a way to control you. Recognize that this is happening and leave before you get hurt even more.

  • You Share with Everyone Else Faster

You should want to share the good news and the bad with your partner before you talk to anyone else. If you don’t feel that, it can be a sign that your relationship isn’t going anywhere. You might have a partner that doesn’t support you or doesn’t feel happy for you when good things happen, or your partner just might not encourage you. If this is constantly happening, then it might be time to find someone new.