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A psychic email reading sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?
We get so much of our information via email these days, and adding one more message to our inbox doesn’t seem like that crazy of a concept. For some people, this method could be the best way to get their psychic reading in a convenient format for their schedules. Other people might prefer to have their psychic reading done in person, over the phone, or online.
How Email Readings Work
Psychic email readings are fairly simple: basically, the client asks a few questions of the psychic via email and sends it to them. The psychic then takes time to ruminate on those questions and tune themselves into the spiritual plane before answering the questions in the email. For a legitimate psychic, finding the natural connection to their client’s questions doesn’t depend on the medium those questions were asked in.

Gifted psychics are able to read energy, no matter how much space separates you. This energy can be used to intuit answers to the questions you have asked during your email psychic reading. Even through email, your intentions for asking those specific questions can help guide the psychic through your reading.
Benefits and Downsides of Email Readings
Despite what you might immediately think about email psychic readings, there are a few benefits that come from this method of getting a psychic reading. In an email, you don’t have to worry about a psychic being able to read your body language or voice for clues to your personality or life. This level of distance between the two of you can help make a psychic reading clearer because there aren’t any visual or verbal cues being given.

If you find a psychic you want to have do a reading but they aren’t available over the phone or in person, email can be a happy and efficient way of interacting with them. Email allows us to connect with people in different corners of the world, so you aren’t tied to one geographical area.

Email readings are often the cheapest psychic service as well, if you are on a budget for your psychic reading. This method is also incredibly versatile, because your psychic can send pictures, videos, presentations, and other media to assist with your psychic reading.

Unfortunately, email psychic readings are very easy to create as a scam. Even if you meet with a psychic in person or talk to them online, there is a chance that they could be running a scam and that they aren’t a legitimate psychic. There are many ways to spot a scam before you hand over any money or waste your time.
Spotting an Email Scam
Just like with any other psychic reading service, making sure it is legitimate is entirely up to you. If the website doesn’t look real, don’t go to it. If the services a psychic is offering seem too good to be true, they probably are. Listen to your own intuition- if something seems off, go to a different psychic.

Honest and genuine psychics will rely on word of mouth and customer reviews to attract clients. Beware of psychics that promise things they can’t uphold, like finding you true love or promising financial wealth. Good psychics will have ratings, reviews, and a transparent payment program readily available for you either in person or on their website.

If you receive an email reading that seems copied and pasted, it might be a scam. This kind of reading can often seem impersonal because you aren’t able to hear someone’s voice or see them in front of you. Although email psychic readings aren’t for everyone, they can work for people who might have a tight schedule, but who still want the benefits of a genuine psychic reading.

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