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What Your Zodiac Say about Forgiveness

What Your Zodiac Say about Forgiveness

Each and every zodiac is able to love and forgive other people but there are some that will refuse to forgive and forget. What does your zodiac say about you? 

Have you ever been around someone that gives you an apology and you know they don’t mean it? It can make you feel even more unforgiving than you did. When someone does something wrong to you and they apologize for your feelings instead of for what they did, it can be hard to get over this situation.

How Can You Say You’re Sorry?

When you want to apologize to someone, you need to figure out what you are really sorry about. Talk to that person and don’t add anything to the apology but that you are sorry. Then after you apologize, don’t bring up the situation again. This can be very hard for you to do, and this is a time where the person that you have hurt can decide if they want to accept your apology and forgive you or not. Once you have apologized from the heart though, you did what was needed to fix the situation.

There are different things that happen for forgiveness including:

  • Admitting you did something wrong, stating what the offense was.
  • Explain why you did it without making an excuse for yourself.
  • Really be sorry and accept what you did wrong and your behavior.
  • Try to damage the hurt that you caused.

Be Genuine

Being genuine and sincere is what really leads to forgiveness and healing. Pay attention to how someone says they are sorry and see if they are being genuine, honest and sincere. If you are the one that someone has to apologize to, move on and forgive them. This is one of the best things you can do for them and for yourself.

Don’t hold on to unforgiveness because it can cause you to be bitter. Get rid of the thoughts that make you feel that you are right to hold a grudge and move forward. Even though things hurt you, you have to still forgive.

What Does Your Zodiac Sign Say About Forgiveness?

Here are what the zodiac signs say about forgiveness:


The Aries is the Ram and will get angry when you hurt them. They might stay mad for a while but if you give them a gift then they will forget you did a wrongdoing.


The Bull sign is one that will hold on to a grudge for a very long time. If they will listen to you thought, and you really mean what you say, they can forgive you.


The Gemini will forgive you if you are sincere and they see that you are really sorry for what you do. They will love that you are open to them and that you are communicating with them. This will allow them to get your trust back.


When someone gets hurt easily, they are often bitter. This can cause them to be angry and to be rude. If you say you are sorry to a Cancer and you are sincere, they will forgive you. You might have to prove that you are really sorry.


The Lion sign does not forgive very easily. They have a lot of pride and when you hurt them, they become even more prideful. Offer them a present and a real apology and they might forgive you.


The Virgo is one that thinks you should say you are sorry when you do something wrong. They will forgive you if you are really sorry, but they might criticize you as well.


The Libra is one that wants to have peace in their relationships. They think that everyone deserves more than one chance. If you have hurt them, do whatever it takes to make them forgive you.


The Scorpio is one that will have a hard time letting it go when you hurt them. They will have a hard time forgiving you. Even if you are sincere, it can be hard for them, so you need to prove it.


The Sag is one that will be very blunt with you if you hurt them. They will forgive you if you give a good apology. Make sure you are honest about what you did wrong when you talk to them.


The Capricorn is one that will be very sincere when they hurt you and they want the same in return. They want you to apologize and if you have hurt them before, they will have a hard time forgiving you a second time.


The Aquarius is one that will feel betrayed if you hurt them. They expect you to be loyal to them and they are someone that is very dependable and a great friend. They will hurt so bad if you do something to them and they will ignore you and turn cold to you. They will even unfriend you if you aren’t sincere in your apology. Make a move and let them forgive you and stay your friend.


The Pisces is one that will love you even if you are hard to love. They are very sensitive and when you give them a real apology, they will have an open heart and accept it from you.

Healing and Forgiveness

You have to learn to forgive others and also to forgive yourself. Once you learn to forgive yourself then you can say you are sorry to others and let things go.

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