Are They Jealous? Find Out!

Are They Jealous?

Is there someone that you know that is always acting jealous? This can be a family member or even a friend that is always asking you what you’re doing or questioning you. Everyone has had to deal with someone that was jealous at some point, and it can be hard to understand where they are coming from.

This kind of behavior can cause you to lose your closeness with that person and even though everyone has some jealousy in their heart, dealing with this can be difficult.

Here is how you know that you’re dealing with a jealous person!

  • They Make You Feel Bad When Something Good Happens

Someone that is jealous will do their best to make you feel bad when something good happens to you. They will make whatever happens that is good for you to seem unimportant. These kinds of people will say things in a way to make them not look jealous even if they are.

It’s important to make sure that you don’t let someone that is jealous to get you down, they will do what they can to make themselves feel better even if it means throwing you under the bus.

  • They Find Fault in You

Someone that is jealous will try to get people to focus on something other than your accomplishments. They will find fault in everything that you do, and they will compare themselves to you. Sometimes, they will belittle themselves because they don’t match up to you.

  • They Talk About Themselves

People that are jealous will want to turn your story into their story. When you start to say something about yourself, they will take over the conversation or won’t let you finish. Instead, they will speak about themselves.

  • You Feel Like You’re Always in Competition

A jealous person will always make you feel that you are competing with them. They will take good things that happen in your life, and they will turn it around so that it looks like you are competing with them.

  • They Check Up on You

Jealous people will look at everything that you do. They will even be creepy when they try to find out what is going on with you. Checking up on your relationship or your status when they aren’t around you isn’t healthy for anyone.

  • They Don’t Let People Compliment You

People that are jealous will put you down when someone tries to compliment you. They will tell you that the person doesn’t mean what they are saying to you to make you feel bad.

  • Overly Possessive

Those that are jealous are often possessive of people in their life. If they are your partner, they won’t let you have other friends because they are afraid that you will like them more.

  • Jealousy Prevails

Jealousy will prevail over them when you make new friends. They don’t want you to spend time with anyone other than you and this will mean that they want to control everything that you do.

  • They Put Down What You Do

People that are jealous will often make you feel that you aren’t good enough. When you do something good, they will put you down instead of raising you up. They will belittle everything that you do.

  • They Don’t Trust People

Jealous people have a hard time trusting anyone around them because they will feel that they are out to take their place. They might feel that someone is flirting with you, or someone is betraying your friendship with them.

  • Passive Aggressive

Those that are jealous often won’t say what is really bothering them. They will be disrespectful to you and will hurt you. Passive-aggressive people that are jealous will accuse you of things that they know you didn’t do, or they will tease you to degrade you or put you down.

Final Thoughts

Being jealous is an emotion that isn’t unusual. If you’re dealing with someone that is jealous though, it can be hard. This can affect your relationship and it can be unhealthy for you and for those around you. If you need to, get professional help and work through these situations with others.

You should have a happy life, and this might mean that you need to get rid of people in your life that are jealous.