Smudging to Get Rid of Negative Energy


There will be times in your life where you need to get rid of negative energy out of your life or your home. This can happen after doing spiritual work, using Ouija Boards or other things. You might even have energy that follows you home or comes from someone that was in your area.

You can burn sage in your home, and you can do this so that you can get rid of negative energy. This can take the negative energy and make it positive. If you are someone that is psychic such as an empath or someone that is an Indigo, it might be something that you need to do more because you absorb the energy so strongly.

History of Smudging

Sage is an herb that is known in Latin as a healing herb. It has been used in medicine and other things. Here are some other usages of sage:

  • Egypt: Fertility.
  • France: Used in tea.
  • Romans: Used to digest fatty foods and preserve meats.
  • China: Use for digestive and nervous system problems.
  • Used for cooking.
  • Used for antimicrobial properties.
  • Gets rid of bacteria in the air.

White sage is another sage that has been used for cleansing, to purify areas, to get rid of negative energies and more. When you feel negative and you feel that your area needs help, try smudging.

When Should You Smudge?

Here are some times that you should smudge:

  • Having People Around that Are Negative

If you live with people that are always negative or complaining, then you might need to remove negative energies from the home.

  • Energy is Stagnant

Stagnant energy can be negative and if you feel this then you need to cleanse your area.

  • Furniture

Even furniture can hold on to bad vibes. You might need to smudge when you have brought in new furniture in your home.

  • Someone Else Owned the Home Before You

If you are just moving into a home, then you don’t know what kind of energy was there by the previous owners. Smudge this home right away to clear the energies.

  • Redoing the Home

When doing renovations, it can stir up energies that are there in the home. Smudge your area so that you can make sure no spirits are lurking around.

  • Having Trouble Sleeping

People that are having trouble sleeping should try smudging to get rid of the energy.

  • When Selling Your Home

Smudge your home before you leave when you are selling it to the new owners.

  • How to Smudge

There are different ways that you can smudge and once you do this you will see that the energy of your home will get stronger and more positive. Here is how to smudge your area:

  • Buying Sage

The first thing that you need to do is to buy the sage. You can find this at farms or places that plant and harvest it.

  • Using White Sage

You can use white or regular sage so that you can get rid of negative energy. Burning sage can get rid of bad energy and it can help you to feel better and your family.  You can use any kind that you want but Palo Santo has a sweeter smell if the smell of white sage bothers those in your home. There is also crystals such as Black Tourmaline that you can put throughout your home to help get rid of other bad energies.


  1. The specific instances where smudging is recommended, such as after renovations or moving into a new home, are practical. It’s a good reminder that spaces can carry residual energies from past events and inhabitants.

  2. The mention of using alternatives like Palo Santo or incorporating crystals like Black Tourmaline offers a comprehensive approach to energy cleansing. It’s helpful to know there are various methods depending on one’s preference or sensitivity to scents.

  3. While smudging is often discussed in spiritual contexts, I wonder if there are any scientific studies that support its effectiveness in altering energies or improving well-being.

    • There have been some studies on the antimicrobial properties of burning sage, which suggest that it can purify the air. However, more research would be beneficial to understand its broader implications.

    • Indeed, it would be worthwhile to explore scientific validation. Anecdotal evidence is prevalent, but empirical data could provide a more concrete understanding.

  4. It’s fascinating how certain plants like sage are believed to have properties beyond their physical uses. I find the concept of absorbing and repelling energies intriguing, particularly how it might benefit those who are highly sensitive to their surroundings.

  5. The practice of smudging has been part of various cultures for centuries and it’s interesting to see its modern applications for energy cleansing. The historical context provided about the use of sage in different cultures is quite enlightening.


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