Going on Your Shamanic Journey

Shamanic Journey

There are many people that can be modern shamans. These are people that are kind and caring, sometimes people that are therapists. They are there when someone needs them the most and they help to make connections and help people to work through their spiritual problems.

The modern shamans are people that have normally went through their own spiritual changes and their enlightenment. They might live in the city, and they might seem tough and be people of different environments and personalities. They can adapt to those around them, and they are able to be kind and to be calm and in peace.

Don’t Judge Their Profile

Some shamans are seen on television, and they are just like regular people. They go through their spiritual growth, and they have their own struggles. They are people that have financial, relationship and other problems that can last a season. They know how to stay centered even when things are hard.

A shaman can be someone that is on television or someone that is a barber. They can be people that are at the beauty shop or people that are housewives. They have different rituals and different things that they do to stay centered.

These are people that practice their spirituality, and they are able to know how to protect themselves by wearing crystals, meditating, expressing themselves, being kind, not being harsh, letting the past go and having values.

What Does a Shaman Do?

A shaman is someone that does spiritual work. They are people that connect with their spiritual self as they go through their awakening. They can connect with the universe, and they learn to deal with challenges.

They do rituals and they will teach others ancient rituals that are shown from the master’s, and this helps people to be more aware. They can overcome life hardships and they are responsible for developing their skills.

What Happens if You Are on Your Own Shaman Journey?

If you are starting your own shaman journey, here is what you can expect to happen:

  • Realization

You will realize that you have a calling, and you will see that there are practices that you need to apply to your life. You will try different paths and methods and find ones that work best for you.

  • Reacting

You will react to those that are close to you, and they will have a hard time sometimes which will lead to separation of your relationships. These practices aren’t usually seen in the Western culture and sometimes people will not accept you. This can bring fear and doing any kind of divination can be scary.

  • Belief

It will be important to believe in your changes in your life. This will help you to develop and help you to heal. You will see that as you progress, you will be accepted and learn new lessons.

  • Understanding

There will be an accepting and an understanding of the spiritual laws. You will be in control of your emotions, and you will be mindful of what you do. You won’t be controlled by the ego.

  • Practicing

As you develop your gifts, you will be able to share what you are going through. You will need this for your journey to help others.

People have different spiritual paths that they will follow and the ones above are just a general outline of a shamanic path. This is a spiritual thing that helps people to reach their awakening. The shamans can be leaders, politicians, blue collard workers and even people that are healers with supernatural gifts.

People that are healers are able to understand and develop their skills better when they go through this journey, and they will be able to focus and to notice when resistance is happening. They will be able to heal others and to practice this.

  • Healing as a Shaman

As you learn the different healing practices, you will see that you can focus on the outcome. The power that you have behind your healing will happen through the universe and through nature. It will always cause some kind of resistance, but it will also be something that shows excitement and focus. It won’t look like fraud or fakeness, but it will cause people to question the shamans integrity.

Shamans have a lot of spiritual knowledge, and they are able to experience things. They have strong powers, and they will be able to help others. The one that is getting the healing will need to believe in it as much as the shaman and as the journey advances, the people will see that their intuition is strong.

Some shamans will look at their own gifts and they will see that the journey takes focus but that they are successful. They will be dedicated and will spend their whole lives helping others and attracting good energies.

People that use tools of divination such as tarot cards, palm reading, pendulums or more will be able to do readings and will be able to learn more by using these tools. They can also read books, listen to videos or podcasts, and then share their thoughts and gifts with others.

If you are a shaman, how is your connection to the divine? Are you responsible of your own spirituality? Always interact with those that believe in your journey and trust that they are able to help you to reach your goals. The shaman will learn to master their own faith and will make their connections strong.