Learning to Cope with Your Psychic Gifting

Learning to Cope with Your Psychic Gifting

There can be good things and bad things with having a psychic gifting and if you want to be a psychic, you need to know that having a gift is not always easy and it can be hard to cope with some things.


When you do a psychic reading for people, it can cause you to become overwhelmed sometimes. Psychics are often empaths and someone that is an empath is someone that picks up the energy and emotions of other people. Even if you are talking to someone face to face or miles away over a phone call, their emotions can become your emotions.

When you talk to someone that is sad, depressed, fearful, or angry, you can feel those feelings. Many people that are seeking a psychic have bad things that are happening in their life and when you realize what is going on with them, you have to be able to know if their feelings are becoming your feelings or if you are having your own emotions.

There are many disadvantages about being an empath, especially as a psychic. When you have to put your emotions on the line each and every day, it can make you feel vulnerable and make it hard to guide others that need you. Always make sure that you have good self-care and that you set up boundaries in your life.

Disadvantages of an Empath

Here are some disadvantages of being an empath:

  • You can have a hard time being objective.
  • You get distracted easily.
  • You are vulnerable.
  • Your emotions can be confusing.
  • You can become triggered when you hear certain things.
  • You identity too easily with the people you are helping.
  • You are influenced by emotions, and it is hard to stay neutral.

Advantages of an Empath

Here are some advantages of being an empath:

  • It helps you to understand the people you are helping.
  • It helps you to be compassionate to others.
  • It helps you to be able to know the real issues.
  • It gives you information that the client might not tell you.
  • Helps you to not judge negatively.
  • Helps you to know how sever something is.
  • Gives you good tools to work with.
  • Helps you to bond with your client.
  • Lets the client know that they aren’t alone.
  • It helps you to know what others are going through.
  • It helps you to have meaning behind what you are doing.

What People Think About Psychics

There are many people that have opinions when it comes to psychics. Some people think that psychics know everything and are gifted while others think that what a psychic does is fake.

When you talk to people that are asking you questions that are challenging or that you cannot answer, it can be hard and frustrating. The challenges that are sometimes faced when questions are asked can be strong. When a psychic cannot answer a question, some clients will believe that they are fake, and they will label them as frauds. This can be hurtful if you are really doing your best to guide them.

Handling Negative Opinions

Here are some ways that you can handle a negative opinion about being a psychic:

  • Don’t let what they say be personal.
  • Not everyone is able to give all the answers in a reading.
  • The future is always changing.
  • You cannot please everyone.
  • A client sometimes needs time to process all of the information given to them in a reading.
  • When people are stressed, it can cause the psychic not to be able to see things.
  • Sometimes clients are not happy with the truth.
  • Psychics are not always right because they are human beings.
  • Psychic can have bad days.
  • Psychics don’t always meet their expectations.
  • A psychic cannot give everything to all people.

Being a psychic might not be easy, but it is something that is a gift to embrace. The best way to handle hard readings is to give yourself a break and be compassionate with yourself. Take time to meditate and have break times and be loving to yourself even when you make someone unhappy.

Don’t let other people pull you down. If someone gives you an opinion and they want you to be able to improve who you are and what you do, take it and be happy with it, but if they are criticizing you, ignore them and do not have negative self-judgement.

You will never like your work if you always are being negative. Find the balance between your work and having the self-care that you need to be strong.