How to Smudge Your Home Right

How to Smudge Your Home Right

Are you wondering if white sage is something that you should use when smudging your home or not? There are benefits to using white sage. White sage is something that can be burned and has been done in different cultures over the years. It is used as smudging or cleansing the home from negative energies.

Energy cleansing is important because when you feel negative, you need to find positivity. Everyone can feel the energy changing in their lives and if you have negative energy around you then you need to figure out how to make this more positive. Negative energy can stack up and it can cause you to feel moody or to feel sick or stuck.

When you burn white sage, it can bring calmness to your home. It can be used in these situations:

  • When you are moving to something new.
  • To get rid of certain energy from a place or an object.
  • To increase your better mood.
  • To ground and focus.
  • To declutter.
  • To get rid of stress.
  • To get rid of sickness.
  • When people come to visit.
  • When people have left from visiting.


When smudging with white sage, you can cleanse your energies. You can get rid of negativity and even dust and other things that can cause you to feel ill. It can also help with pollution. If you aren’t feeling good, you can use this to get rid of bacteria.

There is no wrong or right way that you can smudge and it can be something that you do just as a way to calm yourself and to keep your area clean.

What You Need

Here are some things you need to smudge your area:

  • Smudging sticks: These can be white stage that help to bring energy.
  • Container that is fireproof: You can put the embers in this when you finish smudging.
  • Matches: Use this to light your sage. You can also use candles.
  • Something to put the fire out: You can press your white sage into a container to get rid of the fire. Use sand or dirt to extinguish it.  Don’t use water.

Smudging with White Sage

Here is how to smudge using white sage:

  • Always open the windows so that the energy has a place to go when it leaves.
  • Set your intentions before you start with meditation.
  • Light your white sage and hold it at an angle.
  • Hold it over the fireproof container in case embers fall. Let the smoke start.
  • Pay attention to the areas that you need to smudge the most.
  • Imagine the smoke getting rid of the negativity around you and cleansing your area and your body.
  • Put the fire out on the white sage.

FAQ on Smudging

Here are some common questions about smudging:

  • Do you relight the sage stick if it goes out? Yes, you can relight your sage stick to keep it lit.
  • Does anything need to be said to the sage stick? You should always make sure that you set your intention before you light your sage.
  • When should you use your sage sticks? You can use these weekly, monthly or even daily if you need to.

Where to Buy Sage

You can buy white sage sticks at a shop or even online. You can find shops online that sell sage sticks that can be used for cleansing and for getting rid of negative energies.