Making Your Intuition Stronger

Intuition Stronger

You have a body that can tell you about the world around you and your emotions help you to understand and to feel what others say or do. The mind is there to connect to what is going on around you in both the physical and spiritual world.

Intuition can come to people as a sensation, and it can come in a way that makes you feel scared or uneasy. Intuition can also come as a feeling in your gut and can make your heart beat faster or can cause you to have feelings that you have experienced something before.

Intuition is there to guide you and it there to help you to know what is going on without relying on your rational mind.

Many of us are able to reach our intuition but we have a hard time to say what it is and to use it to shape the way that we live. Society often will only like things that they can explain and sometimes they ignore intuition because it is often unexplainable.

Culture and Intuition

Science shows us that your body can know when you make a poor decision before your mind can even process what is going on. Many people resist the idea of having intuition and some different cultures will resist intuition and will not follow the feelings that they have.

People are often embarrassed to follow what their intuition says, and they refuse to give power to the intuition to guide them.

Some will not allow their physical symptoms of stress or aggravation to give us signals that something is wrong.

When you do this, it can be a consequence of missing something that you need to know. Dealing with the cultural gap can hep you to know that intuition is a static trait, and you can grow it and make it work better for you.

Making Your Intuition Stronger

You can awaken your intuition by trusting yourself more and by learning to listen to the signs and the feelings that you have. Here are some ways to do that:


Remember a time in your life that you had your intuition saying something to you. This could be in a dream or a feeling. This is a subtle message that you can get:

  • What was your intuition telling you?
  • Did you ignore it?
  • Did you take action?
  • What consequences did you face?
  • How did your intuition come?
  • How did it affect you?


Put a question about a problem that you are facing and ask your heart to answer your question. Think about it and form an image or a thought.

See if you have the answer that you need or if it brings you fearfulness. Try to understand what is causing you to feel the way that you do. Do you want to know the truth? What do you fear? Ask questions until you get the answer that you need.


After you ask the question, ask a question about the near future. Ask something about your job or about your school.

Think about the question that you asked and see what kind of answers you get. Do you feel that there is anything that you need to change to get the answer that you need? Do you want to learn more about what you are asking? Figure out your experiences and let your heart answer you.

Stop looking at logic and try to use outside sources to give you answers. Doing this can be scary but it will help you to understand your intuition even more.

Culture often uses analytical in order to understand things. Sometimes we have to look what is inside of us so that we can use our knowledge to understand what our intuition is telling us. Our hearts and minds can be the voice to what we do and where we go in our life, and it can help us to meet our desires and the needs that we have in life.