Does He Still Love His Ex?

Does He Still Love His Ex?

Are you someone in a relationship and you have been for a long time? But you feel that their ex is still part of their life, and you wonder if he is even over her? There are signs that he might still love his ex.

First, if he is always talking about his ex or if he is always talking to her or seems to be lonely when he is with you, he might still love her. You might wonder if he is just comfortable with her because of her being so familiar with him or if you really aren’t enough.

Dating a person that still loves their ex is something that can be hurtful. You might wonder what you could do to make things better in your relationship. When you wonder over and over again, “does he still love his ex?” then chances are that you might wonder if the relationship is even going to last.

Talking to him might make you look jealous and can cause a problem, so how can you know if he still is in love with her or not? If you have been wondering, here are some signs:

He Still Talks to His Ex

One sign that he might not be over his ex is if he is still talking to her. Maybe they ended the relationship, but they still talk. This can be okay if they were friends but if he is constantly calling or texting her when you aren’t around, this could be a problem.

You might want to think that this isn’t a problem but if he is hiding things from you to talk to her then this can be a problem. If he comes to you and tells you that he has missed her which is why he is talking to her, then chances are he is still about her.

The Pictures Are Still There

Another sign that your boyfriend might not be over his ex is if their pictures are still on social media. When you go on social media and you see the pictures of him and her kissing, it can be bothersome.

If you walk in and see him looking at those pictures, it can be a real sign that he is missing her. He might be trying to figure out how to get back with her and you are just there until that happens.

Don’t deny this. Look and see if there are pictures of you and him on social media. If you find him looking at her pictures, you need to ask him why he is doing this.

Brings Her Up

When you are with your partner and he brings up his ex, it can be annoying. If his ex is in most of your conversations though, he probably misses her.

There are things that will make him remember her but if she is always the topic of conversation then this means he isn’t over her. When someone is on your mind, you can’t help but talk about them. This means there are feelings that are still there.

Stalking Her

If he gets nervous or turns off his social media when you sit by him then chances are he is looking at things he shouldn’t be looking at, mainly his ex. This is almost like he is making an excuse to be close to her, stalking her online.

This might make you think that he is missing her and is still in love with her. If he isn’t over his ex, then he will do things like this. You don’t even have to try and find out how many times he has gotten on there to look at her stuff, just know he still has feelings for her.

You don’t even have to ask the question. You know he is thinking of her and its time to have a conversation about it.

Calls You Her Name

Your partner sometimes is with you, and he calls you by his ex’s name. This is a problem. This is an even bigger problem if he is doing it when you are making love. Pay attention to this happening and when it happens.

What makes him miss her? Of course, there are going to be memories of times that they have had together and sometimes the good memories will come up. But if he is always talking about her or calling you her name, he probably still loves her.

His ex is still on his mind, and he might just want you to be like her. If the breakup was bad, this could be even more of a reason that she is on his mind. The problem is that you don’t want to be a rebound woman.

The Relationship Feels Old

If you feel that he wants to get back with his ex, then your relationship won’t feel exciting. You won’t feel nervous and get butterflies when you see him. Chances are that he isn’t giving you the attention that you need, and you might be past the honeymoon phase. This will be a time to decide if you want to be together or move on.

You might even feel that your partner is cheating with his ex and if you are fighting about it all the time, this can be a bad sign.  Pay attention to signs that he wants to be with his ex and if he does, you need to let him move on without you.

Keeps Her Things

There shouldn’t be stuff from his ex all over the house. You might have a couple of things left over for memories but if you find that he has all of her stuff such as her clothes, her cards, and all of those things, he still likes her.

If you ask him about this and he blows you off, chances are that he misses her. Pay attention to your feelings and what your gut is telling you. When he isn’t ‘willing to take the time to get rid of these memories then chances are he isn’t ready to move on.

You Don’t Know His Parents

Being in a relationship means that you meet the important people in each other’s lives. If you haven’t met his parents or if they don’t know about you, this could be a bad sign. Of course, some people wait a while before telling friends and family about a new love, so this could be the reason.

If he hasn’t told his people about you, it could be because he isn’t over the other relationship. You have to find out if he is still wanting to be with his ex.

Comparing You

You can know that your boyfriend isn’t over his ex when he is always comparing you to her. If you hear him talking about how you don’t do things like she did or if he is telling you how special she made him feel, he probably isn’t over her.

He could be lying to himself about his feelings for his ex and maybe he doesn’t even realize that this is happening. But, if you notice it happening over and over again, it might be time to move on and to stop taking this treatment from him.

Talking About Her During Intimacy

One of the biggest signs that he is still in love with his ex is when he talks about her when you are being intimate. This could happen during sex or when you are talking about personal things. This is one of the biggest signs that he isn’t over her.

What if he says her name instead of your name when you are at the peak of your sexual intimacy? This could be one of the worse things that happens in your relationship.

When things like this happens, the best thing is probably to walk away. Take the strength to leave the relationship and let him figure out what he really wants in his life. There is no reason to stay stuck in his past with his ex.

He Still Loves His Ex

There are many signs that your boyfriend might still love his ex. If you have doubts about your relationship, pay attention. Even if he loves you but he is still stuck on his ex, this is not healthy for you.

You have to figure out how to move on so that you don’t suffer in the relationship. The relationship will likely only get worse and by keeping your hopes up, chances are you will end up with a broken heart.

If you think you are making all of this up, pay attention to how you are being treated and then ask him about his ex. Communicate about things in the relationship that are upsetting you. Then, watch for signs.

If you are married and your partner seems to love his ex, you might need to set your foot down and find out why you married him in the first place. Don’t give up hope on the relationship right away but give it a chance to work out.

Being in a relationship with someone that loves their ex can be hard and there will always be feelings that seem to be there.  No matter how much you love them, it can be hard. You have to find a way to get help if things don’t seem to be getting better.