Spotting a Fake Psychic and Not Getting Scammed

Spotting a Fake Psychic and Not Getting Scammed

There are online psychic services everywhere, but the problem is that there are many scams. The scams come in the form of websites, people that claim to have skills that they don’t and psychics that are on mobile platforms that charge you outrageous amounts for information that isn’t even reliable.

To not get scammed, you need to be careful of what kind of reading that you can get and make sure that you take special steps to assure you find a real psychic to talk to.

Use Reputable Sites

Always make sure that you go on platforms that have a good reputation. People everywhere will get online and will review things so make sure that you find ones that have great reviews. Also, you need to make sure that there is a customer service representative that you can talk to and that it is from a country that you know of.

Another thing that you can do is to find out if they offer the same advice to everyone, but they don’t offer specialized services. Remember that not all psychics know everything.

Spotting Fake Psychics

Once you pick a psychic on a good site, you need to know if they are scamming you or not. Find out the information that they have posted on their profile and see if it sounds real. Do they seem excited about their job? Does the site say that they have taken classes or that they are good at certain kinds of readings?

Look at their profile picture, a real psychic will use a picture of themselves and not a generic picture. Look at the way that they talk about themselves. If they claim that they never miss or never give a wrong answer, then you know that they are scamming you. Even good psychics get things wrong here and there.

Look at the experience that they list. Find out if the psychic is friendly and if they seem to love people.


Everyone has intuition but a psychic should have more than a normal person. Look and see if they are open with the methods that they use when doing a reading. You should find this when you look at their profile.

A real psychic will never care to share information about what they do and what kind of information that they give. They will have different methods and practices, and this is a good thing.

Some psychics will use tools of divination such as oracle or tarot cards. Others will do rune casting while some might use a crystal ball. There are some methods that can be taught to them and others that are just natural giftings like being clairaudient or clairvoyant. Find out what kind of natural gifts that your psychic says that they have and make sure they are listed.

Reviews and Ratings

Once again, after you find a reputable website, look at all of the customer reviews. Find out if there are bad ones and what they have said.

If you find a psychic that you want to give you a reading, look at their reviews and their ratings. Find out what people are saying about them and if they are helpful or not.

If you see reviews that seem over the top or extreme, chances are that people have been paid to write these reviews and this can mean that they are a scam. Using things like incredible or amazing might help you to see that you have a real psychic.

A good psychic will give you the option to get the reading that you want. They should offer different options and should help you to find out what you want in your reading.

How They Talk to You

A psychic will try to trick you if they are fake. They will do things such as give you an anonymous chat that will not let you see who you are talking to. You will hear their voice but not be able to see them. Make sure when you talk to one that you don’t give them information and you let them see if they can use their methods to know you and to help you.

You can do chat readings to find out if your psychic has intuition. You can go back later then and see what they said and see if it lines up with your life or not. A fake psychic will not pick a chat option because they will not want you to be able to save what they say.

If you are at a psychic building and you are doing a face-to-face reading, then you need to not let them trick you by what they are wearing. You need to tell them the truth when they ask you questions but make sure you are paying attention to what they are asking you.

Is the psychic able to predict what you are thinking or what is going on or are they asking too many questions?  A good psychic will let you ask most of the questions.

Other Tips to Help Find a Real Psychic

There are other tips that you can use in order to make sure that you have a good psychic reading with a real psychic and here is how:

  • Know how long they have been doing readings on that site.
  • Don’t ever negotiate with the amount of money that you will pay them. They should charge a set price.
  • Ask for free minutes and a good site should give you free minutes.
  • Call the website customer service and ask them to suggest a good psychic.

Once you find a psychic that is real and reputable then you need to look at the page and bookmark it. Never forget that you can keep looking until you find the perfect psychic and don’t give up just because you have one bad reading.