Letting Go of Someone and Moving On

Letting Go of Someone

Once a relationship ends, you need to let that person go out of your life and move on. Letting go of someone that you are connected with such as someone you were married to or someone you were dating or even someone that was a friend can be hard. You probably have unconditional love for this person, but it comes to a time where you have to accept that they aren’t right for you.

Once you learn to accept this, you can realize that you can live your life and be free of this person that you were giving all of your energy to. Letting go of them can bring you peace and happiness, in time.

Rather you have just went through a breakup or you are getting ready to, you can make the decision o heal and to move on.

Knowing When to Let Go

There are some signs that it can be time to let go of a relationship including:

  • Feeling Unsafe

If you feel unsafe and there is any kind of abuse in your relationship including verbal, physical or emotional, you need to let that person go out of your life.

It isn’t always easy to know that you are being abused and you might feel that you are just in a bad relationship but when you feel that you are afraid to talk or you are always having to walk on eggshells because your partner makes you feel unsafe, this is a form of abuse.

  • Making Up Excuses

You shouldn’t have to make up excuses for your partner. People that are always making up excuses are likely in a relationship that is not good for them. When you are with a narcissist, you might realize that, and you might make excuses so that others don’t see that person as bad.

You have to stop forgetting the way that they are treating you and you need to realize that this is dangerous for you to stay.

  • You Don’t Know Yourself

When you are with this person, do they make you act like someone else? This is never a good sign, and you are in a bad relationship.

  • Emptying Your Energies

The way that you behave around this person can be a big sign that its time to move on but if they make you feel tired and drained because they aren’t ever being positive, it can be time to move on.

  • You Are Going a Different Direction

Sometimes a relationship won’t be toxic but maybe you are just going in a different direction than your partner. You might feel bad for wanting to let them go but you need to choose your happiness over being in a relationship that makes you miserable.

If you are feeling that you need to grow and you can’t with this person, chances are that you need to let them go and walk away.

  • Bad Times Roll

Relationships have ups and downs but if you find that there are way more downs than ups then it is probably a red flag. You need to move on from this person.

  • No Future Plans

Do you feel that there is no future if you stay with this person? If that is true, you might need to move on.

  • Giving and Taking

Are they always taking and never giving in the relationship? Do you feel that you have to always give to let them feel happy? This can be a sign that it is time to move on.

  • They Don’t Keep Their Promises

When someone cares about you, they will keep their promises. If this isn’t happening, walk away from that relationship.

  • No Trust

Trust is one of the biggest reasons that relationships work or don’t work. If you have no trust for your partner and you can’t fix it, it can be time to move on.

  • Different Values

You might have different goals and values that your partner has now. If this is happening, then it is probably best for you to get out of the relationship.

  • No Respect

A person that doesn’t have respect for you is not meant to be with you. If they don’t respect or care for you then you need to get out now.

  • You Think of Letting Them Go

If you are always thinking that you would be happier if you let your partner, go, it is probably time to do just that.

  • How to Let Go of Someone You Love

Here are some ways that you can let go of someone that you love:

  • Be Safe

The biggest thing is to make sure that you are safe. Let go of anyone that takes away your safety. If you feel that you can’t be safe around your partner, put your safety first and get out while you can.

  • Talk

You can talk to your partner, or you should be able to, about what you are feeling. If you are safe but you are unhappy, you need to communicate why you are unhappy before you break up.

  • Set Boundaries

You can set boundaries with this person and make sure that you keep your boundaries strong. Don’t let them push the limits.

  • Be Caring But Strong

When you break up with someone, you need to have care and compassion, but you also need to stand firm in what you decide. If you don’t want to be with your partner anymore, tell them way and do what you can to break up smoothly without hurt.

  • Set a No Contact Rule

After the break up, the best thing that you can do is to avoid talking to your partner for a while. Some suggest that you wait at least 30 days before you talk to them again. This can bring peace and healing along the way.

  • Know Your Worth

You are worth being loved and even if you break up with someone, this doesn’t mean that you can’t find someone else to love. The pain that you will put on yourself can be great, but you need to accept that people will love you and find you as valuable as you really are.

  • Connect with Yourself

Make sure that you take time to connect with yourself and to find out things that make you happy. Pick up hobbies that you love to do and find things that can make you heal and move forward.

  • Know Why It Didn’t Work

If you consider going back to your ex, remember why things didn’t work out. Don’t overlook the things that were bad in the relationship and just focus on the good.

  • Self-Care

You need to take time for yourself to heal and take time to have peace. Call up people that bring you peace and happiness and talk to them or hang out with them. Search your soul and find out what you need to move on and to heal.

Final Thoughts

Breaking up with someone that you love can be very hard and it can leave you feeling lonely and sad. But when you are in a bad relationship, it can be time to move on and to live your better life. Leave the relationship when you make that decision and find something that makes you happy.


  1. I appreciated the structured approach the article took to discuss various signs indicating it’s time to move on. The emphasis on self-care and understanding one’s own worth is particularly relevant.

  2. The outlined signs are clear indicators for recognizing an unhealthy relationship. The actionable advice on how to proceed with a breakup and focus on self-improvement was well elucidated.

  3. The article addresses an important and often challenging aspect of relationships. It’s crucial to recognize when a partnership is no longer beneficial and to take steps towards personal well-being. The suggestions for letting go appear practical and thoughtful.

  4. The article provides a comprehensive guide on identifying and handling unhealthy relationships. It offers realistic advice on how to navigate the emotional complexities of letting someone go.

  5. While reading, I found the point on setting boundaries and maintaining a no-contact rule after a breakup very insightful. These steps seem crucial in the healing process and re-establishing one’s own identity.


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