Ways to Talk to Your Guardian Angels

Guardian Angel

Most people over the course of their life will talk to their angels and ask them for help. Do you ever wonder what it is that your angels want in return from you?  Have you ever wondered if your angels really want to be with you or if they want to talk to you?

Knowing Your Angels

Angels are there in your life and they want to bring love and light into your life. They are there before you are even born, and they will guide you and help to lead you. The problem is that many people forget that they have angels and so they sometimes forget to talk or communicate with them.

One thing that is important to remember is that your angels are there for you and they want to be your friend. You need to wear something that will help you to remember to talk to your angels and to show them friendship.

Talking to Your Angels

Your angels will be there for you, but they do not push themselves on you. The angels believe firmly in free-will and they will wait for you to accept them and ask them in your life. Remember though, when you are struggling or you are in danger, you need them to protect you, so don’t forget that they are there for you.

Angels will wait for you to take time to communicate with them. Sometimes these angels wait for a long time. These angels are there to help you, but they are just waiting for you to ask and invite them in your life.

Unconditional Love

People know that relationships on earth are often conditional. People only love you if you do certain things or act certain ways. The great thing about your angels is that their love for you is unconditional. All they want is you to ask them to be in your life.

Angels allow you to make the choices that you want to make and no matter what you do, they are there with you. So, if you want to have more help in your life, ask them to be with you.


Angels are not there to judge your life and to think negatively about you. They are there to love you and they love you no matter what kind of choices you make. Never be afraid of being who you are or thinking that they will think that you are ridiculous or crazy.

Angels love you and they don’t want to judge you, they just want to be part of your life. These angels come to bring you love and blessings and to help you with what you need.

Angel Help

Angels are there to help you when you ask them. The problem is that angels are not like a genie, and they don’t just poof to you when you need something.

Angels want to work with you, and they want to build a relationship with you. They are there no matter what but remember the timing of your communication with them. You might be someone that thinks that you know what you want in life but when you let your angels help you, they can bring peace and harmony with your choices.

Ask Your Angels

Your angels do not want you to just talk to them when you need something, but they will never help you unless you ask. Angels will not be pushy and when you need help and reach out to them, they will be there for you.

Your angels are there for you all day, each and every day, so take time to reach out to them.

Tell Them What You Want

Don’t forget that your angels are not going to guess what you want. Whenever you ask them for something, be specific with what you want. Be detailed in what you ask your angels. Never think that they will think you are silly when you ask them things but let them help you with all of your needs.

Different Angels

Here are some of the angels and what their specialties are:


He is an archangel, and he will keep you safe from energy that is dangerous or toxic. He will protect you from negativity and evil beings and will help you to find your purpose.


Raphael is an archangel that will be there when you have problems with your emotions and with love. He is there to keep you safe in your spirit and in your emotions.


Gabriel is another archangel that is there to help women that are trying to get pregnant and can help you to open up your communication.


Uriel is an archangel that is there to help you with your emotions and to bring desires into your life.


Jophiel is an archangel that will help you to see how amazing you are.


Haniel is an archangel that will help you to connect with the cycle of the moon. He will help you to get rid of negativity and is great when you do lunar rituals.


Ariel is an archangel that will keep you and your pets safe.


This archangel is great if you need help getting over grief.


This archangel will keep you safe and protect you from pain.


This is a musical angel and is there to help you to be more creative.


Chamuel is an archangel that will help you to have better self-esteem and self-love.

Getting Rid of Negativity

Sometimes your angels will be there to help you get rid of negativity in your life. They are there to help you to let go of toxic attachments.

Become attached to your angels and not others and allow them to be there for you to help your life to get better. They can also help to bring people into your life that will bring joy.

They Are Always with You

Remember that your angels are always with you and all they want is for you to want to be with them.  Spend time talking to them. Here are some ways that you can be closer to your angels:

  • Meditate.
  • Visualize your angels.
  • Light candles for your angels.
  • Imagine what your angels look like and what their favorite color is.
  • Name your angel.
  • Talk to your angel each and every day.


Seek out your angels and allow them to be close to you. No matter who you are, having your angels with you will make you a better person and you will see that your life will be more fulfilled as you seek the relationship with them.