Learn How To Differentiate A Real Psychic From A Fake Psychic


fake or real 1It may be hard to make that decision to consult a psychic online. More often than not, a person needs to seek an advice from a psychic when they are facing a life’s challenge or experiencing anxiety about a certain situation. Unfortunately, the truth is that fake psychics exist. Their purpose? Obviously just to take advantage of the vulnerable. That is why it is very, very important to do a little research before choosing a psychic reader.

Read the Psychic Website’s FAQs

All psychic phone line companies will have a website. Spend a little time poking around to see if the information they offer is up-to-date. Many will have a blog or information page where you can get a feeling for the type of organization it is. A good one will keep its pages updated and filled with fresh and useful information. It may also have a regular newsletter that you can sign up to. Have a look at their readers’ profiles to see if they mesh with your requirements. Does the company offer a money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with your reading? How about a social media page? There should also be an FAQ section where the terms are clear, as well as a contact number where you can get advice about their services.

“I’m a Famous Psychic”

Beware of the psychic who is keen to tell you how respected they are and how famous people consult them. Unless you know this to be true, avoid this person. A genuine psychic has no need to make false claims. They are comfortable letting their abilities speak for themselves.

Do they Offer Accurate Information?

When you first engage with the reader, does he or she offer some pertinent and accurate information that directly relates to your life or the situation you are trying to resolve? If they start the reading by asking you questions, then they could be milking you for information. Fake psychics are very clever at making accurate assumptions from the smallest clues. Even your age and where you live can tell a faker a lot about you. They should say something that is only relevant to you and not commonly known.

fake or real 2Asking Leading Questions

A leading question is one that subtly invites you to add extra information. For example, “When did your relationship go wrong?” is a leading question – it presumes that your relationship is on the rocks. “How do you feel about the relationship?” is a neutral question. It doesn’t presuppose anything. Fake psychics are extremely adept at taking the information you give them, completely turning it around and feeding it back to you as if they have psychically received it. A good psychic allows you to ask your question and then proceeds to answer it in a straightforward way. Some don’t need you to speak at all – they are usually the genuine ones.

A Name Starts with… ?

You often hear TV psychics asking if anyone in the audience knows of someone who has passed over with a name beginning with the letter ‘J’ or ‘D’, or whatever. Of course, there will be a good proportion of the audience who will answer to the affirmative. Unless the psychic gives the full first name, followed by a piece of specific, not generic information, then they are likely to be fishing. In other words, looking for a gullible individual. Fake psychics will do the same, talking almost to themselves as if receiving messages from the spirit world, until you interject with, “Yes, that could be my Auntie Janet”.


Your psychic informs you that you are cursed, and only he or she can remove the curse – for a substantial fee, of course. After all, they are putting themselves at risk to help you. Big red light. They will describe to you all the ways the curse affects you, and it will seem as though they are homing in on your particular problems. It’s not true. While, in very rare cases, a negative spirit may attach itself to a person, in all likelihood, it’s not happening to you. It’s a con. Never, ever agree to pay for a curse to be lifted.

Your Ex is Certainly Coming Back

Beware of the fake psychic who tells you what you want to hear. They are so clever at picking up the minutest details about you, even down to the quiver in your voice when you mention that ex-boyfriend. Particularly nasty are the ones who inform you that you will become pregnant – they have a sort of antenna that can pick up signals when a woman is desperate for a child. A good psychic will be honest with you – they won’t make it up as they go along. They will tell you the bad along with the good. They will also be upfront if, for some reason, they are unable to make a psychic connection with you.

The Price is Rightfake or real 3

A good psychic network will offer you an excellent introductory price so you can evaluate their service. They will also make their current rates clear, so you can set a limit on your time with the call. Remember that a higher price does not necessarily mean a superior experience.

 If You Want to Know More…

A clever fake psychic will have subtle ways of only giving you partial information which leaves you wanting more. The answers they do give you are generic and could apply to anyone, but they seem so real and plausible. Of course, you want more. And the call charges rack up exponentially.