Skeptic Of Online Psychic Reading? Read this!


Psychic abilities defy time and space but depending on the individual as there are different things than can trigger a reading. A name, a birthday, even a voice. The simple acknowledgement that help is needed can hit me from across the world. I practiced my reading on chat to different regions and there are no limitations or distances that can keep the messages from getting through if they need to get through.

From India to US, From US to North Pole etc…. It doesn’t matter because if a hand reaches out for help Psychics get connected.  That connection doesn’t leave when the phone is shut or an e-mail sent. The continued connection stays like a residual smell that can be tapped into when a question is asked later but will fade with time. I am connected for about a week.

When you go to a psychic and ask for a reading you are opening yourself up for assistance. At that moment you are granting permission to a psychic to “get involved”. Most psychics prefer face to face readings so they are guaranteed that person is the one asking for the reading.

Remember: a psychic can not ethnically do a reading without your permission, doing so puts the psychic at risk for karma’s firing line. There is a price to pay and many novice are in violation of this rule when they practice at home or think they will just pull out a few cards for example: on their boyfriend, or an enemy.


Face to face readings have their advantages but so do e-mail readings, where you can go back and reread the mail as things come to pass. A lot of time clients get so caught up in the moments and experience, they tend to forget what is being said.

It is all about the reasons you ask for help, in a reading you are saying you need the powers that be to direct you. if you do not have a need to get a reading and you are just testing a psychic or doing it for kicks… well the cards either will make no sense to you or reveal embarrassing information to retaliate.

Weather you choose to get a reading face to face, phone, chat or E-Mail the result should always be the same… discrete, caring and informative reading.