When You are an Empath and Feel Overwhelmed

Empath and Feel Overwhelmed

An empath is someone that picks up emotions of others and this can be overwhelming. When you are clairsentient, you are someone that follows the energy flow, and you are someone that has a lot of energy feeling your world.

Having energy from the environment can be felt by everyone but if you are an empath, you will feel this even more. Sometimes, it can be so strong that you don’t even know if this is your own feeling or someone else’s.

Other people feel energy and they know when you send energy to them. They might have a hard time of feeling balanced and returning to spiritual balance in their life.

When you behave certain ways, you can change how you act and what you do but you cannot change others. You should look for peace and you should allow the energy around you to make you feel good and to create a sense of peace and harmony in your life.

When you imagine yourself working with the environment, you can live through it without being overwhelmed.

Ways to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed as an Empath

There are different ways that you can overcome stress when you are an empath and here are some ways:


Take time each day to listen to some calm music. Listen to songs that inspire you and make you feel love and peace.

Pick music like jazz or instrumental music. Find music that gives you joy and peace.


Many people look for different kinds of calming food and skincare. They find things that have different ingredients such as:

  • Chamomile
  • Green Tea
  • Oatmeal
  • Rose

Find these different things that bring peace and calmness to your mind. Add a different ingredient to your life each day and learn to nurture yourself.

Let it Go

Unless you absolutely have to be mandated to do something in your job or in your life, take time to cut out some of the business that you have.

You need to stop trying to always meet the demands of others and other things. Learn to create demands that are not going to stress you out and let some of them go.

Go through a change and get rid of marketing emails and social media venues. Allow yourself to get offline for a while.

Spend time with people when you want to but stop letting the demands of the world get you unbalanced.

Look Inside

The news that you read each day will probably change from day to day. Stop watching the news and spend more time looking inside of yourself.

Learn to find peace inside and to quiet your mind and yourself.

Accept Others

Take time for those that you want to be around and those that accept you. Find people that use your energy to uplift themselves and you. Allow them to know you and to be unified with you.

When you feel with someone that you are together with them, you know you aren’t alone. This can allow your energy to be balanced and can make you feel harmonious with others and with the universe.

Learn to not be overwhelmed by those that don’t balance you. Learn to look into your intuition and find guidance when you need it.


Use the ideas to create a place in your life that makes your energy to strong and calming. Do not let your energy become unbalanced and if it is, learn to balance it and refocus your energy.


  1. The article provides a solid foundation for understanding how empaths can navigate through overwhelming emotions. Emphasis on personal well-being and creating a peaceful environment is key. However, it would be beneficial to see more scientific backing or case studies to support these recommendations.

  2. The article offers a comprehensive look into the unique challenges empaths face daily. It emphasizes the importance of self-care and maintaining a balanced energy flow, which I find particularly insightful. The practical methods suggested, like listening to calming music and skincare routines, are beneficial for anyone looking to reduce stress.

  3. I found the suggestions regarding music and skincare particularly interesting. These are often overlooked aspects of self-care that can significantly contribute to emotional well-being. The emphasis on mindful practices and introspection is well-placed.

  4. The tips provided for empaths to manage overwhelming emotions are quite pragmatic. However, I would appreciate more in-depth discussion on how to implement these changes in a busy, modern lifestyle. It’s easy to suggest reducing screen time, but how does one realistically balance this with work demands?

  5. The focus on balancing personal energy and reducing external demands is crucial advice for empaths. The article lays out a logical approach to achieving peace through small, manageable steps. It’s a useful read for anyone sensitive to external stimuli.


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