What Lucky Numbers Work with the Zodiac Signs

Lucky Numbers

Every year, there is a new lucky number that comes out for the zodiac signs. This number has to do with the different vibrations from each year from January to December. This allows you to figure out good things in your life.

Look at your sign below and see what your numbers will bring you.

Earth Signs

There are different earth signs and numbers that go with them:


This is the number 6. This means that you should move forward and take chances. Work hard in the community and help others. Get married if you are in a relationship.


This is the number 1. This means you will have a new direction in life. You might want to start a new business or do something new.


This lucky number is the number 5. This can mean you should be brave and try new things. You might do great in sales this year and meeting new people.

Air Signs


The Aquarius lucky number is 7. This is a great year for you, and you need to listen to your intuition and follow your heart.


This number is 2. This means you will have new friends and partners and you will meet new people. Work hard to keep moving in your life.


The lucky number for this sign is the number 11. This means you will get noticed this year and people will find you talented and amazing.

Water Signs


The lucky number for Pisces is 8. This will be a year that you can look at your money situation and buy something new like a new home.


The number is 3. This will be a great year for you, and you need to do something creative like write a book. Get closer to your siblings and your family.


The number is 13 and this is a year where you can be in control of the changes that take place in your life. Gamble because you are lucky.

Fire Signs


The number is 22 and this is a year that you will find new jobs and maybe in a new country. You will find that you are at the right place in the right time.


The lucky number is 9. This means you should go back to school and grow in something such as your job or your relationships.


This is the number 4. This will be a time where you build foundations and work hard to get what you want.