What kind of psychic reading is best?

What kind of psychic reading is best?

One of the best things about society today is that we have many choices when it comes to goods and services. Selecting a psychic is no different. When you are looking for an adviser you have many things to consider. You can choise to meet a psychic face to face or consult and advisor on the phone. You may even want to engage a psychic in an online chat.   There will be some things that are concrete factors such as price and availability.  Ultimately the choice is up to you.

There are many things going for and against all of the different types of readings.

Online readings

On one hand, you know a psychic will be available on line to give you quick answer. The online psychic will not be able to make prediction based on your appearance and they will not be able to drag out a session to make your reading last longer than necessary.  The fee could be lower because you only pay for the minutes you are online.  You may even find that you are more relaxed and genuine with an online psychic.

Face-to-Face Psychic Reading

Consulting a psychic in person gives you the chance to make a physical connection. You can also take advantage of the environment of psychic energy. Since you are paying for a session, this is usually a fixed price. The downside to a face to face reading is that this type of psychic is generally only available during traditional working ours. Usually only available during working hours.  You are more likely to encounter a scam in a face to face reading. This type of reading is also more expensive and you generally have to pay up front.

Here are a few questions to ask before you decide:

How quickly do you need an answer

If time is not a factor you can wait until you can schedule or afford a face to ace reading.  It is important to remember that online advisors are always at the ready.

What is your schedule like

If you have  schedule is hectic and inflexible, you won’t have a lot of free time to plan a meeting with a psychic.  Some advisors are only available during traditional office hours. Online psychics are reputable and available around the clock.


Some people feel better and more comfortable when they see a psychic face to face. They feel they can gauge their accuracy better when they are in sight.  While this may be the case, a face to face appointment may twist the reading as your tone and body language may guide the advisors to tell you what you want to hear, not what is accurate.  Some are even skilled and reading micro gestures and cues to fake their credentials and prove their abilities simply by reading you.

What will it cost?

Regardless of accuracy, in person psych readings are generally more expensive.  Even though some feel that the quality of the readings justifies the cost, it doesn’t always work that way.  An online reader can charge lower fees because they don’t have to rent and maintain a location to conduct their business.

A psychic will generally charge you for a session in increments. These increments can be by the hour or half hour, regardless of your questions and needs.  You will have to pay for an entire session even though you ay get what you need in the first five minutes.  A web on phone psychic will charge you by the amount of time you spend actually consulting with them.  If your questions are answered quickly or you don’t connect with a psychic, you can just end the contact.  There are sites that offer a few minutes free or charge very low prices for the first call.

How comfortable are you?

This a question only you can answer. Would you feel better asking your questions from a distance or would you rather see them in person. Some people find it easier to connect with someone  they can see. Others may find it difficult to ask sensitive questions to someone they are looking at.  Remember, it is your reading and you should put in what you expect to get out of it.

Ultimately, it is your choice. You are the only person who can decide what you want and what is comfortable. Once you consider things like price, scheduling and response speed, the rest is up to you.