Ways to Clear Chakras

Ways to Clear Chakras

Many have heard the term chakras but many don’t have a clear understanding of what they are and how they affect your body.

Chakras are energy points that are up and down from the crown of your head down to the base of your spine. Having a blocked chakra can cause some physical issues, like fatigue, but also leads to emotional blockages like depression or confusion. Opening chakras can make you feel free, hopeful, and enlightened.

There are seven chakra points including:

  • Crown – controls thinking, intelligence awareness
  • Third Eye – center of spirituality, intuition and imagination
  • Throat – controls speech and communication
  • Heart – controls emotions, love and compassion
  • Solar Plexus – controls self-esteem and confidence
  • Sacral – center of sexuality, creativity and pleasure
  • Root – controls physical identity and grounding

Things You Feel When a Chakra is Opening

Your body will tell you when a chakra is closed or open. It comes across as a physical feeling and you may not understand it unless you are aware of chakras.

  • A tingling feeling at the top of your head.
  • A feeling of energy flowing through your body.
  • A sense of press between your eyebrows.
  • A muscle stretching under your ribs.
  • More balance and a sense of poise.
  • A sudden feeling of excitement.

Opening chakras can lead to a shift in your life and usually means different perceptions regarding relationships and careers. Such a change could mean different choices and a rearrangement of priorities.

How Do You Know If a Chakra Is Blocked?

Several ways exist to figure out if you have a blocked chakra. You can use a crystal pendulum head over the chakra and use it with intention. You may need a friend to help with this.

Look at your body symptoms and notice where muscles are strained or where you have sore joints. Also, look at your emotions to see how they are affecting your body. Things like “butterflies” or other symptoms of anxiety are symptoms of blocked chakras.

Other emotions, like grief or pain, can block the heart chakra and this is normal for those who have lost a relationship. It’s important to know how to grieve property and release this emotional energy or the heart chakra will remain blocked.

Another way to check your chakras is that you just don’t feel “right.” You feel stuck or constrained in some way. You have feelings you can’t explain or thoughts that just pop into your head letting you know something is off.

Fixing Your Chakras

You can start fixing your chakras by first doing the obvious. Changing your diet to a more nutritious one and working out regularly. Running or taking a yoga class can prove enormously helpful.

Next, you must balance your energy. Here, you learn to connect to your chakras, identify the blocks and clear them. You clear them with certain meditations or activities, like clearing and cleaning your space.

Meditation focusing on a blocked chakra and even doing a mantra will go a long way to clear the blockage.