Using Meditation to Heal Your Heartbreak

Using Meditation to Heal Your Heartbreak

Hearts do get broken and they can break. It is times like that where some feel that it would be better if they could just die but there is life after heartbreak.

It is hard to lose someone that you love and the pain of this or the pain of a broken relationship can cause you to suffer and leave you unable to understand what happened, causing you pain that sometimes even feels unbearable.

Heartbreak is called heart break for a reason and this can be so strong that it can even cause your physical body to ache. When you are rejected or you feel that your heart is broken, it can send you into a spiraling emotional situation where you have increased adrenaline, cortisol and other toxic hormones that causes your body and your emotions to change.

You will get adrenal stress instantly when your heart is broken and it will cause your cortisol to go up, make your heart rate increase and your blood pressure to rise. The pain of being rejected is a real thing and it is the same situation that your body goes through when you have physical trauma.

Time does heal the wounds but sometimes when you learn to move on in your life quickly, it can help you to learn to re-wire your thinking and get rid of negative thoughts, allowing you to be on the road to healing.


Meditation is one thing that can really help you through heartache. This is a time when you learn to relax and be at peace in your mind and body. This is a time where you can imagine happiness and love overflowing inside of you.

You can use meditation which will affect the frontal lobe of your mind to trick your brain into being happy and getting rid of the pain of your heartache.

The alpha state of your mind blocks your subconscious feelings and allows you to change your thinking and get rid of negative thoughts with loving and positive thoughts and feelings.

Using meditation and visualization can help you to get rid of your negative feelings and emotions and open you up to happiness and love.


Visualization is mental rehearsing and when you close your eyes and imagine your life happy and free, you can see the negative emotions coming out of your body and going away from you. Imagine that you and your ex learned a lesson in life and forgive them.

Imagine your heart being healed and opening up so that you can allow love to fit back in your heart. This is a way to nurture yourself.

Using visualization techniques can help you to grieve faster and to begin healing quicker. It allows your heart to become open to love and makes your healing time go faster.

Learn to practice positive thinking, surround yourself with those that you love and practice healthy living.

When you do these things, you can be on the road to recovery and find happiness in your life once again.


  1. The explanation of cortisol and adrenal stress due to heartbreak is quite enlightening. It makes sense that our bodies react to emotional trauma similarly to physical trauma. I would be interested in learning more about the long-term effects of these stress responses.

  2. This piece highlights the severe impact that heartbreak can have on both our emotional and physical states. The recommendation to use meditation and visualization as coping mechanisms seems beneficial.

    • I agree, the focus on meditation and visualization is useful. However, I think it’s also important to mention seeking professional help when dealing with severe emotional distress.

  3. The article does a good job at emphasizing the importance of mental techniques like meditation and visualization in overcoming heartache. It would be beneficial to incorporate some scientific studies or expert opinions to substantiate these methods.

  4. The article provides a good overview of the physiological and emotional impacts of heartbreak. It’s interesting to see how meditation and visualization techniques can assist in the healing process. However, I’d like to see more empirical evidence supporting these claims.

  5. The connection between heartbreak and physical symptoms is well-explained here. The suggestions for meditation and visualization are practical and could potentially be helpful for many. Some more detailed guidance on how to practice these techniques would improve the article.


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