Using a Computer for Automatic Writing

Using a Computer for Automatic Writing

Using a Computer for Automatic WritingOuija boards aren’t required for communicating with spirits. There’s a far easier way to talk to spiritual guides and to channel higher beings. Automatic writing on a computer is a convenient and valuable way to make connections with the spiritual realm, and it’s much easier than writing on paper by hand.

You probably already use your computer fairly frequently. Why not use it to connect with your spiritual guides or your loved ones who have passed?

Using machines for automatic writing isn’t a new concept. People have used manual and electric typewriters for many years to make connections with the spiritual world and to receive messages. Using a computer for this is just the next step.

Preparing for Computer Automatic Writing

  • Find a quiet, secluded place free of all distractions.
  • Don’t worry if you feel tired. This actually may make your automatic writing session go more smoothly.
  • Set the mood by lighting a gold or white candle, burning some incense, or spraying the area with rose- or lavender-infused water.
  • Seat yourself comfortably in front of your computer.
  • Close your eyes, clear your mind of idle chatter, and focus inward.
  • Starting at your toes, relax all of your muscles. Breathe naturally and deeply. Focus especially on your shoulders, your neck, and your facial muscles, making sure these are especially relaxed.
  • Pray for protection. Ask for guidance from Light spirits, and request the best and highest good for all.
  • Mentally connect with one of your guides. Tell him or her that you’d like to connect with them by communicating on your computer.

Now you’re ready for your computer automatic writing session. Whatever answers you receive to your questions, rest assured that all of the information you type is coming from loving and helpful spirits.

Just Write!

  1. Type the time and date at the top of your document. Some people add the moon phase and which sign the moon is in.
  2. Place your fingers gently on the keyboard. Stay relaxed and don’t be concerned about what you’ll type.
  3. Close your eyes, or focus on something nearby. Don’t look at your computer screen. There’s always a temptation to peek. But don’t!
  4. Your fingers will eventually begin typing on their own. Some people are concerned that they’re typing their own thoughts. But this is perfectly fine—it’s like priming the pump to get the flow going.
  5. Soon you’ll notice words appearing that aren’t your own. They may even have a different tone or style to them. The words may seem formal or archaic.
  6. The words will eventually come through faster and more naturally. This is how you’ll know that you’ve made a genuine connection with a spirit guide.

Understand that nothing may happen during your first several attempts. This is normal. Your guides may simply be tuning their energy to yours so the words will flow more freely.

Once You Make a Connection

  1. In your first successful writing session, try to get to know the spirit guide you’re communicating with. Whether this guide is familiar or new, chances are he or she is overseeing other spirits and guides that are delivering messages to you. Simply type, “Hello! What’s your name?”
  2. Follow this with requests for information about the spirit guide’s relationship to you. Get to know the guide and why it’s working with you. At this stage, it will work best to ask simple “yes” or “no” questions.
  3. Don’t analyze or even look at the answers you’re typing. Just let your fingers type. Importantly, don’t spend too much time writing in your first few computer automatic writing sessions. It’s wise to start with about 10 minutes at a time. After a few weeks of daily sessions, you can increase your session time. You’ll intuitively feel when to write longer and for how long.
  4. If you ever feel uneasy, just stop. Even though you’ve prayed for protection, your focus may wander, which may open you up to receiving communication from undesirable spirits. If you feel this happening, end your session and go about your business. As time passes, your protection will become so strong that you won’t have to fear intruding spirits anymore.
  5. It’s important to properly close your automatic writing session so you don’t inadvertently leave any spiritual portals open. So, end your sessions by thanking the spirits and guides that came through and for the time they spent with you. Type something like, “This session is closed,” and respectfully request any spirits that may be lingering to go back where they belong. Then imagine a vortex-style portal closing.
  6. Save your written documents after you end your session. If you must, encrypt a folder, or set a password on each document.
  7. To relax and clear your energy, take a shower or a bath in essential oil-infused water. Patchouli, frankincense, lavender, and rose oils all work wonderfully for this.
  8. Wait at least a full day before beginning another writing session.

More Specific Answers

After several successful sessions, you’ll start learning how to get more specific answers by asking questions that go beyond simple “yes” or “no” answers.

As you progress, you’ll notice you’re typing faster. Don’t be surprised when you find mistakes in your wording, grammar, punctuation, and spelling. But just as in pen-and-paper automatic writing, none of this is important. Go back later and fix errors. For now, simply keep asking questions, and keep typing answers.

Eventually, you’ll get answers to specific questions about health issues, children, and even love and romance. But ask specific questions just once. Guides will start ignoring a question if you ask it repeatedly.

Automatic writing with a computer is fun and easy, and it encourages spiritual growth. If you keep doing it, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the spiritual realm, and valuable insight into your role in this current lifetime.