Understanding Psychometry

Understanding Psychometry

Do you ever go someplace, and you feel that there is energy that is following you all around? Then later, when you leave that place, you feel that the energies are still with you?

A lot of people have a hard time going to places such as yard sales and antique shops because there are objects there that belong to people that used to be alive or people that have had bad energy attached to them.

Energy is in everything and it can affect someone that is overly sensitive or someone that is an empath. This can mean that the person is able to sense the energies of an object or a place that belonged to others.

Most people do not have the ability to do this, but some people are able to tune in more to the energy field and to pick up the energies.


Psychometry is when someone can sense or to feel the energy of something that is by them just by touching it. This can be any kind of object and the person will take the object and hold it. This person can then get messages or visions in their mind.

Some people get messages such as:

  • Smelling something.
  • Tasting something.
  • Hearing sounds.
  • Seeing images.
  • Getting visions.
  • Picking up emotions.

Psychometry is also called “scrying” because it is a way that a psychic person can see something in their mind. These are not things they see with their eyes but with their mind.

A person that has this gift can see things such as a picture or a movie type vision because everything that someone touches has energy. Energy is everywhere, inside, and outside of a person.

Using psychometry, the person can get visions just by touching and object.


A person that is able to use psychometry to feel the energy of things is called a psychometrist. This person can tell you the history of something just by touching it or holding it. They will be able to tell you who owned the object and what happened to that person in their life.

A psychic can sense what this person was like that owned the object and they can know a lot of information about the person, even if they have died.


If you are interested in psychometry, know that this takes time and practice to be able to do it. Everything that you want to do takes practice and no one has a strong gift at first. If you want to build your psychic gifting and you are interested in psychometry, keep practicing and it will get stronger as you grow.