The Miracle Mindset: Three Steps to Loving Life

The Miracle Mindset: Three Steps to Loving Life

The Miracle Mindset: Three Steps to Loving LifeGaining a miracle mindset can seem scary. You may have no clue where to start or what it even entails, but there are three simple steps that can help each of us love life and gain a miracle mindset.

Sometimes and at least in part, the change needed is internal. It is about changing your perception and perspective of a situation or about life in general. Other times, the change is about environmental changes as far as the state of your personal surroundings and the effect this can have on a person. Still other times, it is about being liberated from the judgement of self and others by dropping a resistance, we all have to some degree, and surrendering your heart. When we love our lives then we are aligned with a miracle mindset. This makes nearly anything possible.

By following three simple steps, we can open the miracle mindset door to our hearts and feel the deep gratitude that is within. After this gratitude wears a bit, we are left with a good feeling that allows us to attract different, positive energies in life and make better choices.

Step One

We will briefly explain each step, then explain more in depth. First, start with an inventory of your environment. If negative stories continually replay in your head than the physical environment may be causing a problem. Rather than trying to control an issue, try fixing outside sources that may be leading to problems.

Things, stuff, junk, all hold stories. This means that those things we surround ourselves with provide continual reminders of the reason, purpose, and person that provided the item. If the “stuff” around you does not bring joy, as Kondo repeats, then it is not productive in moving toward the miracle mindset.

This means step one is to get these items out of your life. Simplify and organize as you clean up your physical environment. Take time to do everything from dusting to moving furniture and clearing crystals to help yourself feel better. The external cleaning of your space will help you feel a bit more liberated and freer to move on to step two.

Step Two

Just as the outside needs cleaned, so does the inside. It is time for a good internal inventory and clean-up. Grab a pen and paper to list all the people and circumstances that you resent. Dig deep and list each one, no matter how long ago something may have happened. We sometimes inadvertently let victim stories become part of who we are in life, but all of this resentment has to go. We all have stories that stick with us, but there is no need to be embarrassed, it is time to let them go.

Once the list is complete, make amends if possible. Be mindful not to hurt someone else along the way by being non-judgmental and accepting your part in what happened. The inventory is not about assigning or even accepting blame, but about where personal energies have been directed. Forgiveness is powerful and it is more about you than the other person. This frees you from the burden of what happened while accepting responsibility and being accountable for rewriting your own story.

This will likely leave you feeling free, yet vulnerable. Still it also allows us to feel connected to a bigger power source. If needed, say a forgiveness prayer or perform a ritual you are familiar with in your beliefs. This may need repeated several times or over time when the old feelings sneak up in a daily routine.

Step 3

The final step is to show gratitude, repeatedly. Say thank you to the bigger power or to the world or whoever you choose so your positive energy is put out there and can be returned. Add a prayer paired with radical acceptance and you have reached the miracle mindset.


We wake up each new day to a new beginning, if we choose. We can stay the same, stuck in a routine, bored, and defeated or take the road less travelled and be courageous. It is up to each one of us how we want to live life. We can find peace in chaos or be overwhelmed by the mundane. To get the best of life, find the miracle mindset in yourself and have a beautiful week. A lifetime full of beautiful weeks.