Know What to Wear this Halloween Based on Your Sign


images (6)Instead of stressing out over your Halloween costume this year, why not let the stars decide? We’ve listed down some costume ideas for each zodiac sign so that you can rest easy when deciding your holiday getup. Each suggestion is inspired by your zodiac sign’s most dominant qualities.

So go ahead and find out . . . which costume are you destined to try?

download (2)Aries

Ignite a spark and embrace your sign’s fire with a devilish costume that attracts admirers. But if you’re shy and not into braggin’, how about a fire-breathing dragon?


Be the Goddess Venus, your Sun Sign’s ruler. Guys can be Mars—what could be cooler? If you’d rather stay in and be all couch-y, then dress like a Smurf … How about Grouchy?


Attend a party and go as The Twins. Enter a contest and see which one wins. Or spend Halloween giving out treats, taking pictures, playing tricks and then post your Tweets.


Showing Hollywood style, now that would be swell—Sophia Vergara or perhaps Kristen Bell. A home-bound Halloween will just leave you bored. Be smart and adventurous, like Harrison Ford.


Halloween is full of witches and bats and of course felines, those famous black cats. You could be in the mingling mood, but if you dress as Catwoman, keep your paws off the food.


Be the Harvest Maiden with a Halloween twist. Steven King would add some corn and some mist. Forget about work and just have some fun. Be a Harvest Moon or a big smiling Sun.


Hold the scales of justice in Roman Goddess style. Be sexy and comfortable; you’ll want to stay a while. Put candy on the scales then give it all away. You’ll love greeting people in this theatrical way.


Scorpios are sexy and somewhat mysterious, right up ‘til Halloween, you’ll leave them curious. Be Hollywood and go for dramatic. A pointy-tooth creature will leave them ecstatic.


This Halloween show your love of the outdoors. Open the windows and then all the doors. Artemis the Hunter or maybe Bruce Lee. Tap into your playful side and do it with glee.


Turn your inside out this Halloween. Be Lara Croft or the Zenobian Queen. You like life’s little ironies, so why not be Kathryn from the Vampire Diaries.


Be quirky, creative, magical and charming. Do something outrageous, yes, even alarming. And when they ask, you’ll simply say, “I’m King Arthur’s half-sister, Morgana Le Fay.”


This Halloween, what else would you be but a character of fantasy. Neptune or a mermaid might be the obvious choice, but how about a movie star with a quirky voice?