How to Read a Dog’s Paw

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Do you know that palm reading isn’t just for people? Have you ever tried reading your dogs paw? Believe it or not, we really can read their paws and there’s also a precise method to doing it, and anybody can if they follow the right steps!

Check out how to do it below:


1. Choose a paw, traditionally a female dog’s left paw and a male’s right paw are read. Some schools teach that the dog’s dominant side will be a better way to get an accurate reading.

2. Get your dog to relax and see if your dog will roll over on her back for the reading. By rolling over it is easier to read your dog’s paw. You can also have your dog sit and hold up her paw to read it.

puppy labrador paw3. Identify the four major pads on your dog’s paw. You’ll find five pads, a large pad surrounded by four smaller ones. For paw reading we focus on the four smaller ones. On a human hand the four main lines are the heart line, the head line, the fate line and the life line. On your dog the four major pads are the behavior pad, the life pad, the play pad and the health pad.

4. Holding your dog’s pad up, the one all the way to the left is the behavior pad, followed by the life, play and health pads. To interpret the behavior pad you need to look closely at the shape of the pad. A rounded, smooth pad indicates that training will come easy. A rough, long pad indicates that the dog is spirited and has an independent streak.

5. When you evaluate the life pad it will indicate your dog’s life and general well-being. A pad that is multicolored indicates a long healthy life; smooth, long pads indicate vitality; almond-shaped indicates plenty of energy.

images (1) - Copy6. The play pad will indicate your dog’s desire to play and interact with other dogs and people. A rough, apple-shaped pad indicates very playful and friendly. A small, smooth pad indicates playful behavior, but tires easily.

7. You can evaluate your dog’s health pad by looking closely at the color and shape of the pad. A pad that is long and smooth indicates vitality. A pear-shaped, rough pad indicates strength and enthusiasm.

8. Your dog’s paw will change as life goes on. Check it every once in a while to keep tabs on your dog’s health, life, playfulness and behavior.

What do you think—can you really read a dog’s fortune from its paw?