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How to Get the Flow of Good Activated

How to Get the Flow of Good ActivatedThere is power in asking for what we desire, but it only works when there is no attachment to what we desire as an experience. When an attachment exists, there is an area that needs healed. Attachments come across in two forms, aversions or craving. Aversions are those things in life we hate and cannot stand, but cravings are what we believe we need or must have.

Aversions cause us to block the flow of the All Good because we truly believe we know what is needed. Cravings or aversions tend to cause discomfort which is a signal that something must be let go of to experience peace, healing, and freedom. If there is something we want, we need to ask for help from our higher, holy spirit self.

We can easily fall into neglect with our relationship with our spirit. In fact, we often ignore the spirit until we are in need. This creates a dysfunctional relationship. Just like it would with another person. Instead, we need to stay in our natural state of giving and receiving. This allows us to ask for guidance, connection, insight, and support at all times. This keeps communication open and flowing for whenever it is needed. This makes a difference that is noticeable. If you are feeling disconnected, simply ask for this support and relationship type. It will likely start to flow right away.

We need to change the way we view the spirit and connect simply to do so, not just need. This will improve the relationship. Remove any blocks, like guilt, blame, or even she in life, to receive clarity. This is important because clarity brings about peace. We are at fault for blocking our own peace, often with unforgiveness. This unforgiveness closes us off from the spirit and others. Start forgiving and feel the freedom that comes with it.

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