How Spirit Guides Help You to Meditate

How Spirit Guides Help You to Meditate

Everyone has spirit guides just not everyone knows that they do. These guides are there to show you compassion and to help to guide you and protect you.

These guides do not have the rules of the natural world and they come in different forms so that they can reach their purpose. Their common goal is to help you to find your way in the universe.

When you make a relationship with your spirit guide, they will give you love and guide you in all of your life.

Spirit Guide Meditation

Meditation is a way that you can concentrate on things and calm your mind. This is a way that you can show love and peace in yourself.

You can connect with your spirit guides through meditation and even though they are always there for you, you might not notice them because you are so busy.

When you meditate it allows you to be quiet and to hear the messages, they want to give you.

Why Connect with Them?

Your spirit guides are there to help you and lead you. When you get stuck in something or you become afraid, your guides can help to guide you and turn your negativity to positive thinking.

Knowing that you are always supported and loved can help you to form a stronger relationship with your guides.


Find a quiet place to sit and relax. Start deep breathing and concentrate on your breathing only. Clear your mind.

Sit in a chair where you are upright and comfortable. Put your feet on the floor and allow yourself to hear from your guides.

After you meditate, take time to write down what messages you got and how you felt. Write down what feelings you had.

Always take time to thank your spirit guides for guiding you and taking care of you. Do not doubt what they tell you. Once you write it all down and you are thankful, show your appreciation to your guides.

Methods for Alignment

You can learn to speak to your spirit guides and to open up your mind. When you do this, you can align yourself with the spirit guides and get more information than ever before.


Once you talk to your spirit guides you can close this down and end your meditation. Write down what you are feeling before you do anything else.

Take time to relax and drink some tea or water. Make sure you give yourself time to be grounded before you get up because this can be a lot on your body and your spirit.

Always do this practice if you want to be close to your guides.