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Having the Last Word

1  It’s ironic how often I choose my words so carefully when I write and so carelessly when I address the people in my life who matter. Do you do this? Do you brush someone off when they phone you, nag a spouse, criticize someone or make an offhanded remark, or speak sharply to someone when you feel rushed or stressed? Do you listen and think before you reply? Do you really listen or just half listen while multi-tasking?

2 The Need to be in Control

When you insist on having the last word, it means that you like feeling in control of a situation. You’ve probably experienced this kind of control at the hands of a loved one, boss, coworker or friend. Or perhaps, you are the controlling one. Regardless, it’s kind of like stomping your foot to show that it’s your way or no way at all.

As conversations get heated, so do the words used in them and it’s likely you’ll hurt someone you love just to prove your point. This can really damage a relationship, leaving it broken and often beyond repair. Perhaps it’s better to put your foot in your mouth and move on instead.

4Talking Under Your Breath

Talking under your breath can be a great way to keep your cool—and get the last word—just as long as no one hears you. If they do, you’ll have some explaining to do and that’s pretty embarrassing. What a pretzel knot to get out of!

It’s a Never-Ending Discussion

3When you have to have the last word, it’s a never-ending discussion. At some point, don’t you wish it would end, go away and stop? When the words keep coming, you might end up defending yourself, and you’ll have even more points to bring up. It really never ends!

For some people, it is their nature to have the last word and if you’re that person and you’re talking to someone who is also that kind of person, it’s a never-ending battle. I often recall the last words of those I have loved and lost and with teary eyes. I am happy that I was able to keep my mouth shut and let them talk.

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