Getting Rid of Negative Energies

Getting Rid of Negative Energies

There are people that get bad vibes in different situations and sometimes you can feel these right when you walk into a room.  You can sense negativity like it is a dark cloud that is following you.  If you have negative energies that are attached to you then you need to learn to get positive and have a better life in your mind, body and soul.

It is possible to be around people that will bring your energy levels down.  They can cause your chakras to be unbalanced and this can cause you to be sick.  There are things like acupuncture and meditating that you can do in order to raise your vibrations.

Everyone can respond to the vibrations of others and be aware of them and what is going on.  Using light touch and good thoughts can change the energy field and can help the health and wellness of someone.

Negative energies can cause you to be upset, jealous, anxious and even sick.  They can come from worry or fear and if you are lucky and can find a healer, this can help you.

When you push your anger aside, it can cause you to be resentful and cause you to have bad behaviors.  This can lower your energy level and cause you to have other emotions that are strong like anger and worry.  If you can learn to use these things as an opportunity though, you can learn to strengthen your energy field and even when bad things come against you, you will be able to release negative energies and do a cleaning ritual that can help to heal you.

The best to deal with negative energy is to make sure you can learn to shake these feelings off.

Rethink Your Ideas

When it comes to your energy, you can figure out that energy can be viewed from a different perspective.   You can have compassion and your energies can teach you to be positive and to do the right things.


One way to purify your energy field and get rid of negative energy is to take a bath.  Add salt or essential oils and this can help to calm you and you can watch the negative energies flow down the drain.

Different Mindset

Make sure that you learn to control your emotions.  Find people that can encourage you and be compassionate with you.  This can give you strength when you are feeling bad.


Always have boundaries for people even if you love them.  Learn to say no if it is something that you don’t want to do or something that you need to avoid.

There are miracles that can happen when you learn to control your fears, and this can cause your energy to be protected. Have healthy boundaries for your own wellbeing.


When you are home, make sure things are cleaned and that you are allowing good things in your home.  Use sage or other essential oils to purify your home.  Add real plants and flowers and clear the flow of energy with the earth.

Check In

Take time to meditate and talk to your spirit guides about your thoughts and feelings.  If you feel that you are not connected, learn to ground yourself and take in deep breathes.

Spirit Animal

If you know that you have a spirit animal and what it is, ask your spirit guides to show you and to give you energies from your animal.  This can be a way to protect yourself


Use rainbow medicine which is all the colors of the aura.  Place the colors around you and use the energies to complete how you are feeling.  Only let true love come into your circle.


Use imagination and visualization to imagine lights and mirrors around you.  Imagine that your aura is covered in mirrors and anything negative will reflect off of you.

Allow your soul to guide you and imagine that there are colors and lights that are surrounding your whole body and filling up your energies.  When you feel these energies, allow your vibrations to get higher.


Use crystals and amulets and carry them with you wherever you go.  These can give you energies that other things cannot.  Allow these things to stabilize your energies and bring you healing.