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email reading 1The web has allowed psychics to amplify the achieve past making arrangements to meet customers in individual. What’s more, you as the customer can contact a psychic at whatever time you like, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. How do psychic readings work online? This article will experience a percentage of the normal ways readings will work on the web, a portion of the things to look out for and how precise they can be.

Most networks will have a collection of psychics you can choose from. The way you select a particular psychic will usually vary from website to website. A lot of the time you’ll just be presented with a page about the psychic and a way to book an appointment with them. This is often quite a good system, although it does depend on the level of trust you have!

Sometimes these psychics will have put up testimonials, reviews from previous clients and some information about the services they offer. The downside to just going and “getting a reading” done is that you don’t have the ability to talk to the psychic beforehand.

Some networks on the other hand fully realize how important it is to “try before you buy”. Having a good relationship with your psychic is important to getting a truly accurate and useful reading. You also need to have a good vibe and connection. There’s no use feeling fear or a lack of connection. If you just feel like the psychic is taking advantage of you then you definitely won’t want a reading with them!

Ideally you would look at a psychic network that offers the chance to talk to a psychic beforehand. One of the best we’ve come across is Oranum which lets you chat to the psychics via chatroom and video calling before you go for a private reading. This will allow you to ask a few questions, get a feel for the psychic’s style and generally see how well things sit with you. If you don’t like a particular psychic you can always try another one.

email reading 2If the psychic doesn’t offer a free reading to begin with, you can always send them off an email to ask about their services. Other times they will have extensive websites with blog posts, information about what they can do and the types of psychic ability they possess. You can also Google the names of the psychic you’re interested in getting a reading with to learn more.

After you’ve decided which psychic you’d like to have a reading with, it’s time to set things up. Some psychic networks like Oranum will let you have a reading immediately. The psychic will be removed from the public chat rooms and give you their undivided attention. Many of these networks will have a pay by the minute approach, and you usually need to buy tokens in advance. Each psychic will usually have a different rate, and you can definitely “shop around” to find the best deal.

Sometimes this pay by the minute approach works well, other times it gives the psychic an incentive to spin the answers out to use up more time. If you feel like this is happening, you can ask for more concise answers or simply end the reading. The ball is in your court. Remember however that sometimes psychic answers do end up being drawn out due to the phrasing of the question you asked. Try to keep your questions as short and to the point as possible and you will get the best results.

If you buy a psychic reading in advance for a flat fee, you will normally have to wait for your reading. Chances are it will be done via email and probably completed at the psychic’s convenience. Sometimes these readings can be very pricey, so that’s something to be aware of. We’ve seen readings that cost hundreds of dollars. Is that sort of information really worth that amount of money?

But how do psychic readings work online in a chat room setting? Much of the time the psychic will simply respond via a chat, with typed answers and discussion. Other psychic networks (such as Oranum) use the power of video calling. This adds a whole new dimension to a psychic reading and if you can get a video reading you should definitely go for it.

email reading 3When the psychic is able to see you and speak with you there is a stronger connection and the information you receive will generally be more accurate. Of course you might not have a webcam or you might not feel like using it. That’s ok, you can still type your messages in. You will still get the video feed from the psychic. This works even better if the psychic relies on things like Tarot cards as they can visually show you the results.

The only real disadvantage to getting a psychic online chat reading via video feed is that it’s often quite difficult to take notes as it isn’t recorded. You might want to have a look at some screen recording software before your session. Make sure that it’s installed and that you know how to use it before you waste your valuable psychic reading. Otherwise you could just use a pen and paper to scribble some stuff down.

We highly recommend that you do take notes with your psychic reading. Chances are that you’ll want to come back to it again and again in the future, especially if predictions were made. You’ll want to know if they came true or not!

A couple of things to watch out for: sometimes psychics can get annoyed if you start asking too many questions or begin to question their judgement. If that happens you should probably stop the chat. A psychic is there to empower YOU and if they start telling you to stop questioning then they’re effectively asking for you to give them your power. Please don’t do that! YOU are in control of your life, not the psychic.

The other thing to watch out for is any particularly waffly language. As mentioned above sometimes this can just mean a psychic is getting greedy. At worst this can mean the psychic is just making stuff up.

Most reputable psychic networks today however have all but eliminated this sort of behavior. Places like Oranum are highly respected and you can rest assured you will be unlikely to find psychics who do that sort of thing. We feel it’s important to bring it up however so that you do stay safe.

So how do psychic readings work online? The best ones will offer you a free chat before moving into a private reading. Talk to your psychic via video chat for the best results, or just use a keyboard. Whichever psychic you end up talking to, keep your questions concise and enjoy the experience.


  1. One point that stands out to me is the importance of keeping questions concise to avoid elongated responses. This is an insightful tip that can help customers get more value out of their readings.

  2. The article provides a comprehensive overview of online psychic readings. It’s useful to know that platforms like Oranum offer the option to chat with psychics before committing to a paid reading. This ensures a better connection and a more satisfying experience.

  3. The advice on taking notes during the session is quite practical. Having a record of the reading can be valuable for future reference, especially when checking the accuracy of predictions.

    • Absolutely, and screen recording software is a great suggestion for those who prefer a digital record. Just ensure it’s set up correctly beforehand.

    • Even simple note-taking can be helpful. It’s good to have something to look back on to see if the predictions come true.

  4. The article does a good job of explaining the different pricing models and potential pitfalls. Being aware of tactics like ‘waffly language’ is crucial to avoid being taken advantage of.

  5. It’s interesting that the article highlights the use of video calling for a more interactive experience. I’d imagine this could indeed enhance the connection and accuracy of the reading.

    • Video calling might also help in instances where body language and facial expressions play a role in the reading. It’s definitely an advantage.

    • I agree, and it also adds a layer of transparency. Seeing and hearing the psychic could make the experience feel more genuine.


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