Many people are interested in 3D magic eye pictures that were popular in the 1990’s where they would first look like they had different colors and then if you looked at them a certain way that you would see figures pop out at you.  Some people would have a hard time seeing the image and the picture would have to be revealed for some to see it.

If you can open your psychic portals then you can understand why this type of seeing takes extrasensory perception.

Look Beyond the Top

Clairvoyance is one of the psychic abilities that people can have that changes the way that they see things. Instead of limiting their vision, they have a deeper knowledge and understanding.

Online, the term clairvoyance is defined as “the power or faculty of discerning objects that are not there,” and “the ability to see things beyond ordinary sight.”

Using extra sensory ability involves more than just seeing.  Each person is born with different abilities and they manifest in each of us differently.  If you know things, then you are able to use your vision to see the future, spirits and signs that other people cannot see.

Do you wonder if you are clairvoyant?  You might feel it like this:

  • A tingling or feeling like you know something. This can be the third eye of the chakra.
  • Visions that show things that will happen in the future.
  • Seeing things out of the corner of your eye and looking to see if you just saw that.
  • Dreams that wake you up and are very vivid, sometimes recurring.
  • Strong visual skills.

Exercise Your Strengths

Sometimes it is hard to get a sign or vision and sometimes we block things from coming.  It is important to focus on things and putting yourself in a different state of consciousness.

Take a pendulum and swing it back and forth and focus on it.  Follow it deeply with your eyes as it moves.  When your eyes start to blur, you will get tired, but allow yourself to relax and ask questions.  Say something like “show me a picture of my next relationship.”  Then relax and let the image come.  Let your mind interpret what you see.

Sometimes a pendulum and a crystal or even water can give your focus and attention exactly like you need it to.  Understand that this isn’t the focus point but what is in  you.  The object just gives you something to concentrate on.  You can see the truth on the other side.