Are Psychic Email Readings Worth It?


Most people are reluctant to try psychic email readings because they are more used to phone readings. However, we think they have certain advantages that are not being talked about as much.

For instance, there is a certain apprehension that you might come across a fraudster much more easily through an email exchange than through a telephone referral. While this can certainly be the case in some instances, it is worth knowing who you should be able to trust.

How do psychic email readings even work?

Many people believe that it isn’t possible to do psychic readings via email. However, this is a common misconception of the very nature of psychics. Voices are not necessary for psychic connections, and in fact, the distance can make the psychic reading more direct.

Distance is no obstacle

You do not even have to be close to your psychic for them to get a reading. Space is certainly a factor in some instances given that touching something often allows psychics to conduct psychometry. The truth is that everyone is able to pick up on nearby vibrations—not even merely psychics.

Nevertheless, visions of past, future, and present are not limited to proximity, otherwise it simply wouldn’t work. Tenses are connected to spaces and reading lives that are in more distance spaces is part of what a psychic does.

Everything is connected

At the end of the day, psychic visions are possible because everything in the universe is connected. When you encounter someone in any way, you pick up their aura, and this transcends time and space in a way that allows psychics to provide readings no matter the distance.

Avoiding scammers

Over the phone, via email, or in face-to-face appointments, there are many charlatans who wish to scam people out of money. Here are some ways of avoiding scammers:

  • Check out what the average price of psychic readings is. If someone is advertising their services for a much cheaper price, then it’s likely they’re just going to send you a scripted reading instead of a real one.
  • You are not cursed. If a psychic says you are cursed, they’re probably just trying to get more money out of you.
  • Poorly-made websites are generally a sign that the person operating it is a scam artist.

Cons of receiving psychic readings via email

Basically, the only real problem that you might encounter is a fraudster. Once again, though, this can happen in any situation.

Speaking to people face-to-face gives you the opportunity to ask questions as soon as you think of them, which makes it easier to test their validity as a psychic.

Pros of receiving psychic readings via email

The psychic is not under pressure from as in an ordinary reading situation and can therefore take more time to properly read the situation and provide a more accurate telling. If the user is paying for a phone reading, the psychic often feels as though they need to assess the situation in more of a hurry, which is never good value for money.

Although there are fraudsters, it is usually really easy to tell when they are faking it or simply sending you a scripted reading. Having a paper trail or a record of the reading often helps moving forward, too. With phone readings, it’s often difficult to digest all of the information you’re given at once.

You have to realize, furthermore, that psychics are just human beings: sometimes they’re not in the mood to answer the phone, so they don’t, or they do and provide a half-baked reading.

Final thoughts

Sometimes, you may think you’ve struck gold and found the email-based psychic reading website for you—and yet, you still might have reservations. All the best psychics are caring, compassionate, and friendly, and will doubtlessly answer any preliminary questions you might have to ask before committing to a psychic email reading. All the worst ones will not.

Many sites have a good money-back guarantee, and in many cases, it’s best to go with your gut. For our money, we recommend, who consistently provide great, honest readings for a decent price.