5 Reason Why You Shouldn’t Dump Your Partner During the Holidays


BreakUpAren’t you happy with your relationship? Are you thinking of breaking up during the holidays?  Many couples break up during the holidays for different reasons. One reason maybe because of the pressure to get engaged, or the expectation of meeting friends, family or coworkers. No matter what the reason is, if you’re planning to dump your partner this holiday, think twice. Here are five reasons to wait until after the holidays to dump them.

You’re Suffering From Seasonal Stress

Seasonal breakup disorder is about to unleash itself on many relationships, and the main culprit is the additional stress and spending that the holiday season brings. Then there is the surge of guilt and that desire to start a new year off on the right foot. If you feel like things between you two are getting worse, it could just be due to the added stress of the holidays. Why not get through the holidays and see how you feel early next year?

You Think Only an Expensive Gift Will Do  

Do you think you have to blow your budget on an expensive gift for them to prove your love? You don’t! You can get creative and sentimental for your true soulmate. They’ll care more about the message your gift sends than the actual gift you give them. And if they’re not your soulmate, all will be revealed.

You Need to Sort Out Your Feelings

8276153_f520People tend to get caught up in the romantic nature of the season. As a result, they may feel like something is missing from their relationship because they aren’t as in love as they “should” be. But the holidays shouldn’t define where you are in your relationship. If you aren’t committed or as close as you think you should be, you could have the holidays to blame. Wait until they’re over to sort out your feelings.

You Don’t Want to Bring Them to Your Office Holiday Party

Just because your office is having a holiday party, it doesn’t mean you have to bring a date. Some people like to keep their work and private lives separate and you can explain that to your significant other, as well as your coworkers. You can leave your significant other at home instead of dumping them.

You Realize They’re Just a Hookup

Maybe the holidays have made you reevaluate your connection to your significant other, and you’re realizing they’re not that significant. That’s okay. There is nothing wrong with having a casual, sexual relationship if both of you agree to it. Don’t feel like you need to be with your soulmate, just because it’s the holidays. You may not really be ready for a serious relationship, so why not enjoy something that is casual and fun?

images (12)It’s Just Marketing

The holidays have the tendency to cloud our judgement. We’re bombarded with romantic ads wherever we turn, but the truth is, it’s just marketing. Don’t break up with someone just because they don’t fit the mold of what you think a holiday relationship is supposed to be. Get through the holidays and then reevaluate your relationship once the seasonal madness ends.


  1. The suggestion to get creative with gifts rather than adhering to commercial expectations is both practical and heartfelt. It emphasizes the value of thoughtfulness over expenditure.

  2. I appreciate the reminder that the holidays can distort our perception of relationships. It’s wise to take the time to reassess feelings after the festive period.

  3. The separation of work and personal life is a healthy boundary to maintain, especially during office parties. This advice is relevant for those feeling pressured to merge the two.

  4. The article raises some valid points about the heightened stress and expectations during the holiday season. It makes sense to avoid making hasty decisions based on seasonal pressures.

  5. The idea that holiday advertising can cloud judgment is insightful. Waiting until after the holidays to make any major relationship decisions seems like a prudent approach.


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