10 Ways You Can Tap into the Power of Telepathy

Power of Telepathy

Power of TelepathyIf you ask someone what superpower they would most like to have, chances are high they would pick reading someone’s mind, or telepathy.  Many people long to know what their boss is thinking or if their friends are keeping secrets.

True telepathy harnesses the power of our mental and spiritual connection to someone.  You must stay clear of any sites or people that use dubious practices.  For example, cold readings, are where people pay close attention to a person’s wardrobe, habits and cues.  Hot readings are when they ask leading questions or have eavesdropped, to “miraculously” uncover secrets and predict events.  The use of these readings focuses on generating revenue or power, whereas true telepathy is about strengthening our bond with a being.

Telepathy comprised the Greek words “tele” (distance) and “patheia” (feeling).  Therefore, telepathy is quite literally a distant feeling or sensation.  In telepathy there is an exchange of transmitting and receiving a thought.  Consider how telepathy plays out in your own life.  Think about the last time you had a strong thought about a person and then how quickly they physically contacted you, or during a conversation when you both were able to think of the same thing.

Telepathy occurs when you are able to establish and maintain a profound link with another person or being.

You can increase your telepathic abilities by practicing the ten following methods:

  1. Believe

Both you and your target have to trust the process.  If one or both of you are skeptically the energetic exchange of messages will be blocked.  Be willing to at least attempt an open mind and have faith that your desires for knowledge will be successful and bring the both of you closer.

  1. Be Patient

Creating a bond, let alone maintaining it, takes times.  There may be a few missteps along the way, but this learning curve is important.  Be mindful of extraordinary occurrences so you don’t miss subtle signs that can help you along your journey.

  1. Be Selective

There is no point in trying to read someone who is closed minded or someone you might take advantage of.  Freewill is vital to this process.  Try to work with a person that you dearly care for and trust.  Ensure you both can relax and focus during this exchange.

  1. Know the Roles

In telepathy there are two roles: Sender and Receiver.  Prior to your session agree upon who will be the Sender and who will receive.  It is important that the Receiver maintains a clear mind, while the Sender must focus on a key message to transmit.

  1. Preparation

During telepathy you must balance your mind, body and spirit.  Avoid eating difficult foods or imbibing on alcohol for at least 24 hours prior.  Starting the session by sitting opposite one another and settle into an agreed upon meditation.  This will help manifest your connection.  Ensure you let distracting thoughts float away and maintain an open mind for the exchange.

  1. The Message

When starting out, keep the message as brief as possible.  You can choose to exchange a word, image, or emotion.  Have the Sender maintain a flat affect and definitely avoid choosing something you recently were discussing or blurt out anything.  As you build in skill and confidence you can exchange more complex messages.

  1. The Reveal

The receive should only speak when they believe they processed the message.  You can also choose to use writing the feeling down.  Maintain focus and go with your gut – its correct more often than not.

  1. Wrap Up

The hunch may have been right, but it could have been wrong.  If it was wrong, consider the Sender wasn’t able to transmit the thought clearly or the Receiver wasn’t focused.  Discuss your impressions to see how off the message and hunch were.  If the Sender was thinking of a Christmas and the Receiver saw a chimney, you were close.

  1. Practice Often

To avoid any burnout, keep your sessions short, and don’t exceed more than twenty minutes at a time.  Take breaks as needed so you can feel relaxed when you both reconvene and try again.  Remember to maintain your link and keep your minds opened and focused.

  1. Play Around

As you build skills and confidence, have fun with the practice.  Consider switching roles or create physical distance between yourselves.  You might also think about using more complex messages like music, phrases or unique thoughts.  You can also practice with your animal familiars by calling their name in your mind’s eye and see if they turn around and approach you.