Using Meditation to Access Your Akashic Records


It’s normal to want the Universe to give you answers to your most pressing questions.  Thankfully, you have that ability when you tap into your Akashic Records.  This spiritual library contains complete and nuanced information about your present and past lives, along with every thought, emotion, feeling, and experience your soul has navigated.  Meditation is a fabulous way to access this data.  Note, you may encounter some roadblocks that hinder you from accessing it and it may take multiple attempts before you can read your Akashic Records.

What information will be included?

In addition to all of the details of your lives, your Akashic Records is the best guide you have to finding the best possible life path for you.  This includes feedback on choices you could make regarding your career, relationships, or finances.  You can even learn who your soulmates are as well as learn the name of your twin flame, and how you can meet these people!

These records are uniquely yours.  The express more than just information, wisdom, and insight.  They pinpoint the history of your soul, including the exact time it was created, the purpose in each of your lives, your soul’s mission, and all the wonderous opportunities the Universe will present to you. Essentially, this is your spiritual handbook, detailing critical lessons to be learned and the types of support you will require.

Can anyone else their Akashic Records?

Humans all the have the power, regardless of their levels of psychic acumen, to access their Akashic Records.  Yet, the degree and amount of data received will vary based on their psychic skills.  People that are more spiritually developed can spend longer with their Records, due to understanding how to tune out any distraction.

People unfamiliar with the spiritual realm may face many obstacles that hinder reading their Akashic Records.  One such obstacle is disbelief.  A person who is not confident in their spiritual prowess is inclined to distrust the whole idea.  They can reject moments of psychic intuition and avoid their internal feelings or thoughts, thus creating more blockages to accessing their Records.  Therefore, anyone trying to access their Akashic Records must perform inner work like purging limiting beliefs or toxic energy.  Instead, they must learn how to trust Spirit and the power of the spiritual realm.

How to access your Akashic Records

Begin by understanding that those who have successful received their Akashic Records recall meeting spiritual beings such as spirit guides, ascendent masters, and angels.  Certain individuals mention receiving images and auditory messages as if watching a movie of a previous life.  Each experience is unique and requires you to maintain and open mind.

It’s typical that for beginners it can take multiple attempts before you will see your Records.  Don’t be frustrated if it takes weeks, months, or even years before you gain access.  But with time, patience, and persistence it will happen when you are spiritual ready to process this information.  In the meantime, view your efforts as an adventure and spiritual play!

Step by step approach

  1. Set clear intentions: For a beginner this might be the desire to explore the realm of the Akashic Records.  Maintain this specific focus throughout your practice.
  2. Make peace with what you truly want to know and what you might want to avoid: You may choose to write down key questions to ask ahead of time so you will be well prepared when you meet your spirit guide or any other celestial being.
  3. Enter a meditative state at your pace: Find a quiet space and settle in.  Close your eyes, relax and begin to breathe deeply.  Settle your energy, as you mind must be fully calm, focused and pure of thought.  Remain in this receptive state and allow spiritual knowledge to fill you.
  4. While meditating ask your spirit guides, ancestors, ascendent masters, or angels for guidance: The meetings may occur through visions or auditory messages.  During your connection ask this spiritual being for their name, regardless if you have worked with them before, and clearly state your intention of accessing your Akashic Records.
  5. Ask this being for assistance in reading your records: Keep focused on your intention and the questions you have previously prepared.  Depending on how serious your mindset, this being may lead you to where the Records are housed.
  6. Take time and record your unique experience: It’s okay if you didn’t gain access on this first attempt.  What is important is to learn from what you were able to accomplish and take note of your experience.  Record every detail you remember and review your notes at a later date to keep track of your progress.  Figure out a time when you would like to try again.  Rereading your notes may reveal that you made more strides than you first believed.