5 Ways to Recognize Karmic Debt and How to Cleanse It

Karmic Debt

Karma is a commonly used, but often misunderstood term.  Typically, people believe it has primarily negative associations due to one’s behavior may wreak havoc in the future.  But we often forget about the implications our past karma possesses.  Such is the case with karmic debt where a lingering issue from a past life is repeated in our present form.

Karmic debt refers to the repeated toxic pattern or unresolved issues in your life.  These includes financial strain, sabotaging relationship, or inability to grow up, etc.  The practice of numerology informs us karma debt is related to the cyclical nature of the universe like you birth and rebirth cycles.  Karmic debt numbers are the number of lessons you must learn or the number of challenges you are meant to overcome in this lifetime, and stem from your birthday.

Signs of karmic debt

Having karmic debt is not a spiritual “death” sentence.  There are simple methods you can use today to avoid the repercussions of karma.  First you must start by identify if and how much karmic debt you need to repay.  Below we have listed out the steps to identify your karmic debt today!

  1. Calculations: The fastest way to identify karmic debt is to make calculations.  Identify if you have a life path number that carries debt.  If you have number 13, 14, 16, or 19 you have some karmic debt coming due
  2. Frequent bad patterns: Notice if you are constantly struggling with the same or similar issues and in which ways they repeat.  If you are constantly struggling with money, especially to a person or type of person, then you might have caused a financial issue in a past life that you were never to fully resolve and now must pay back.
  3. Caring for a type of person: In a previous life you might have a run in with a person or group of persons.  Now in this life you are working to overcome this strain by consistently caring for this spirit or a representative group through acts of generosity, selflessness, and humility.
  4. You are in karmic relationships: You can recognize a karmic relationship if your dynamics feels powerful, emotionally draining, and oddly soul-satisfying.  You are in these dynamics to discover what had previous gone wrong between you two and to learn vital spiritual lessons, which will allow your soul to blossom.
  5. Constantly being in situations that promote introspection: Introspection to frequently signals that you are substantially accruing debt in this lifetime.  This will frequently happen to people without a birthdate that doesn’t produce a karmic number.

Life path numbers associated with karmic debt

Your birthday dictates your life path number, and certain numbers are prone to karmic debt.  Those numbers are frequently 13 (or 4, because 13=1+3=4), 14 (or 5), 16 (or 7), and 19 (1).  You can also identify karmic debt in your Hearts Desire, Expression, and Personality numbers.

Karmic Debt Number 13

Having a 13 karmic debt number reflects the life path number 4.  You are meant to repay a debt involving egotistical and lazy behavior in a past life.  You lack of desire to work translates into job effectiveness.

To repay this debt, you need to learn and practice the art of healthy communication in all facets of your life and express yourself in a good-light.  Respect the power of words and always think before you speak.  Strive to lift up other people instead of putting them down.  Own your quirks and all your actions!

Karmic Debt Number 14

Having a 14 karmic debt equate to life path number 5.  You fail to allocate your power and control to others inflicts you direct harm.  In a past life, you may have been overbearing, tyrannical, and crass.  Reclaim your power by promoting group harmony.

Karmic Debt Number 16

People with karmic debt number 16 also have the life path number 7).  You might have been vain and narcissistic in a past life and hurt your relationships.  This is a tougher karmic debt to repay since you must break the cycle of birth and rebirth by “proving” yourself worthy.  Work to listen more and speak less.  Acknowledge, even, honor, other’s points of view.  Be ever mindful of your actions and how you come across to others.

Karmic Debt Number 19

Karmic debt number 19 correlates to life path number 1.  Your past life was filled with manipulating others and selfishness so you could gain an abundance.  Repay this debt through being a supportive person, help others in a variety of areas, and learning how to ask for help.

Calculating karmic debt

Your karmic debt is based on your birthday that in turns reveals your life path number.  To calculate, take your full day, month, and year of birth and add them together.

Birth date of October 23, 1997 is calculated as thus:

1+0+2+3+1+9+9+7=32         32=3+2=5

Repaying karmic debt

You must understand what your debt is before you can begin to pay down your debt.  This way you can perform impactful action to begin to repay your debt, take ownership of wrongdoings or grievances, identify your largest obstacles, break karmic cycles in your life and diligent work to grow personally.  The faster you repay your karmic debt, the happier you will be in this life and the next.