Are you seeing shadow spirits?

Are you seeing shadow spirits?

Are you seeing shadow spirits?If you have every caught a shadow out of the corner of your eye or been startled out of a deep sleep to find a shadow looming over your bed you are familiar with shadow spirits.

There are  a couple of reasons why you might be seeing shadow spirits.  The most common is the stage called hypnogogia. That is the state between waking and sleep. It is when you are in what is called the threshold consciousness.  Many people have mild hallucinations during this stage.

The brain uses this ability as a safe guard when you might fall asleep doing an important task such as driving.

Another reason you may be seeing shadow spirits is that you are particularly sensitive to seeing beyond the barriers of reality and you are actually seeing spirits.  There is a story about a young girl who arrived home late one night. Her family was asleep.  She went to get a drink and suddenly felt the shadow of a man fall over her.  She couldn’t discern his features. She thought for a minute that she was imagining things so she turned back to the drink she was pouring.  As she turned, she the shadow moved next to her before disappearing.

What do they look like?

Different people see the shadow in different ways. Some people see a featureless blob, some see eyes, some see fully formed figures with. Some only see eyes. Some see spirits who are wearing articles of clothing that have certain memories attached to them.

Some shadow spirts can be still or moving. They generally disappear when they are looked at.  They are fast moving and will go away if the light is turned on.  Benign shadow spirits are seen as angels.

Are the bad?

There have been no trustworthy reports of shadow spirits actively acting out bad deeds and there has been no reports of negative energy. Some say they have felt bad energy filling the space.  A man reported that his daughter would wake up throughout the night and report a monster in her room. Then other people spoke of a shadowy figure in the house.  Finally he began to feel a large amount of negative energy.  The bad thoughts subsided after they moved.

What are they

Shadow spirits are a version of ghosts. There is a theory that these spirits are echos from another dimension or state of being.   Too often we dismiss the sighting of shadow spirits as “ seeing things” or nightmares or the product of an active imagination.

While that may be the reason it can not be doubted that shadow spirits exist. A woman reported that on her first few days in her new home, her son saw a shadow wearing a coat and hat lurking in the doorway, but when she looked in that direction, the spirit disappeared.  When she discussed it with a neighbor she was told that other children had reported seeing the same thing.

What if you see one?

If you just happen to see a shadow figure, don’t despair. Take a deep breath and remind yourself that you will wake up in a minute. This will work in the case of being in a state of hypnogogia.

If that doesn’t work, you should relax in the knowledge that the spirit won’t hurt you. It’s just a transfer of energy in your home.  You can then try asking it who it is. Shadow ghost will often disappear when directly addressed.

If you are especially curious about the shadow spirit you see, ask a friend to stay over with you to verify what you are seeing. You can also ask your neighbors about spirits that may be connected to your area.