6 Tools to Grow Your Psychic Abilities

6 Tools to Grow Your Psychic Abilities

Those who have read many articles on psychic abilities understand that everyone has a certain amount of natural psychic abilities. While these abilities are at different levels for each person, anyone can sharpen them and grow them.

Six things can help you grow and enhance your natural psychic abilities:

  1. Meditation

Taking a few minutes to clear your head will open yourself up to your psychic abilities. Choose a regular day and time when you have 15 to 20 uninterrupted minutes for meditation. Turn off all electronic devices and get into a comfortable position. Breathe deeply and repeat until it develops a rhythm.

  1. Use stones

Some stones and crystals can enhance your gift. Lapis lazuli, a protection stone, brings forgotten dreams to your mind when you put them under your pillow while you sleep. Black tourmaline is a stone used for increasing intuition and is predominantly used for channeling. Rose quartz, a grounding stone, helps with matters of the heart as it is linked to devotion and love. Opal tumbled stones have powerful mysticism and energy and help those who use it bring their psychic visions into focus.

  1. The Pendulum Kit

This tool helps sharpen psychic abilities, especially intuition. The pendulum works in rhythm with earth’s energy and it can provide answers to concerning questions.

  1. Meditation Oil

This can be used in meditation by placing drops on the insides of your wrists. Its properties are to relax you.

  1. Incense and Candles

Scent and light are often used to bring out psychic powers as well as to improve relaxation during meditation.

The tools you use are individual decisions. You do not need to use any of them but may find some of them helpful as they suit your personality and purposes. Learning to grow your gift takes time and many experts advise you to establish a relationship with a mentor to keep you safe in your spiritual explorations and to put you on a good path for positive growth.