Why Empaths Are Often Exhausted

Why Empaths Are Often Exhausted

Being a normal person and being around everyday people can be draining but imagine if you were someone that always feels the emotions and energies of other people.

If you are an empath, that is exactly what is happening in your life, each and every day. Someone with this gift is always tuned in to what is going on around them and what others are feeling.

The energy flow of an empath will never stop and even when one is sleeping, chances are they will have dreams or pick up the emotions from those in the same home.

This feeling is like always being with an electrical charge and then at the end of the day, your energy is so full that it feels that you are exhausted and overworked. You feel that you cannot go on much further and then all of a sudden you have a strong emotion.

This could happen because you experienced something stressful such as a car accident or that someone that you are around gets afraid or upset about something. These spikes are strong, and they will cause you to pay attention to what is happening, but they can be exhausting when they are happening 24/7.

As an empath, you can choose to build up your strength or you can choose to let the energies around you wear you down. Empaths have to check in with their spirit guides and their own souls each day, maybe multiple times a day, just to be healthy.

There is a baseline in your energy that everyone has. When you are in your own energy field, you will feel grounded and you will know that your vibrations are strong. What does this feel like to you? Knowing your energy is important, especially if you are an empath.

Does the environment have to do with your energy baseline? You need to get alone and figure out what your energy baseline is so that you can learn how to keep yourself in check and in control.

When you have a spike in your energy, how can you know that it does not have to do with your own emotions?  Do you notice your feelings change in a strange way even when nothing in your life changed? If someone is close to you and you feel a change in your energy, you have to realize that this energy is not yours but someone else’s.

Being aware of this can help you to know what is going on inside of you. This can help you to heal and to not be sick or overwhelmed.

Having the gift of empathy helps you to be strong and helps you to connect to the spirit world. When you learn to understand your energy baseline you can feel patient with yourself and you can feel that your life is happy and refreshed.

Empaths are strong in their intuition and the gift of an empath is very important. This helps people to see life in a different way and to be healed by the hands of someone caring and compassionate. You have to stay strong so that you can keep your mind, body, and soul strong.