The Importance of Knowing Your Shadow Self

The Importance of Knowing Your Shadow Self

Have you noticed how inspirational speech always encourage people to reach for their dreams and to always believe in themselves?  Are you wondering if it’s time for you to move cities, enter a new relationship or shift jobs?  The answer to all your questions is resounding YES as long as you wish to manifest this change.

If you want something, stop dreaming and actively work to achieve this betterment.  Be bold and embrace the opportunities that present themselves.  If you are stalled in your current job, be empowered to post an updated resume on job sites or approach a career counselor.  If find your current city is not suiting your lifestyle any longer, reach out to a realter in more desirable areas.  Tired of the single life?  Then get your besties to take a stunning new photo of you and create a vibrant profile on the latest dating site.

When we understand and accept our shadow self as a key part of our personality, we can reach a new level of personal potential.  Only our doubts and limiting beliefs stand in the way of us achieving greatness.  The future is ours to paint as we manifest our thoughts into actions.  As we harness our intuition and inner wisdom, we being to crave surrounding ourselves with positive people who will empower and encourage us along our journey.

We are tasks with sharing with others in our life just how potent and boundless our thoughts truly are.  As you look around the world and see the things you wish to change like climate change or injustice, know without a doubt that you can make things better.  When we all focus on creating needed change and forming an action plan, we can make positive steps forward that when yoked with the actions of others can create endless ripples of wonderous improvements for ourselves, humanity, and the planet.


  1. I appreciate the article’s focus on harnessing intuition and inner wisdom. It might also be useful to discuss how to develop these aspects, especially for those who are not naturally in tune with their inner selves.

  2. The emphasis on self-belief and proactive strategies is essential. Yet, it’s important to acknowledge that external factors and support systems play a significant role in successfully navigating these changes.

  3. While the positive tone and motivational spirit of the article are commendable, I wonder if there might be some over-simplification regarding the challenges one might face during these transitions.

  4. The article’s encouragement towards manifesting change is intriguing. However, it would be beneficial to include practical steps and real-life examples to ground the motivational aspects.

  5. The call to action regarding making positive social changes is inspiring. However, it might be more impactful if the article addressed specific methodologies or collective actions that individuals can participate in.


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