Psychic Abilities You Don’t Know You Have

Psychic Abilities You Don’t Know You Have

Everyone has some type of psychic gift but many people don’t even think of it as a gift because it is just a natural part of who they are.  Being a psychic is a term that covers all different kinds of gifts and meanings and many of them are just hunches.

Understanding the different types of powers that a psychic can have and what star groups and elements match can help people to understand their abilities.

The main types of psychic abilities are called clairs which is a French meaning that means clear.  This is ways that we can see our guidance and receive intuition.  When you do this, it can happen in different ways with different messages.

Air Signs

There are ways that we just know stuff and this is called claircognizance.  This is clear knowing without real signs.  These are feelings that come into our mind and they can be very strong.  It can also just be an idea or a thought.  It can be a perspective that makes you understand what is going on without really knowing why.  When you feel these, write them down so you can spot your talents and realize what your gifts are.

Earth Signs

Clairvoyance is part of an earth sign and means clear seeing.  This can be a vision that you have an a gift like watching something unfold in your mind.  This can be when you see a symbol or a number for no reason and this can be a sign.  Even though this is an earth sign, it feels physical and allows us to connect with others.  IT allows us to do what we are meant to do and to know inner conflict and worry about other people.  You are nicer and kinder to others than you are yourself and this is because you have a psychic gift.

Fire Signs

Clairaudience is clear hearing, and this is a fire sign.  This is when you hear a voice in your mind telling you to do something or to stop doing something.  You may not be able to hear things that others can hear such as vibrations or sounds, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t have the gift.  You can change how you feel based on your atmosphere and when you are in nature, it causes you to feel stronger and in tuned with the energies and vibes of others.  You take for granted that you are able to heal others and to find our spiritual magic.

Water Signs

Clairsentience is clear feeling and it is where you can receive messages based on how you feel.  Being an empath is a water sign and it is where you can feel the feelings of others and know when they are lying to you or being untrue.  Some people will come and confide in you because you have the right things to say to them.  You are pained when you are around people that have pain and you have strong emotions.  You might be considered an old soul because you want to go back to your past life.  You have lucid dreaming and visions and flashes that you might not understand.


Embrace your gifts with happiness and practice to understand what they mean.  Each gift is special and something that is given from the universe to attract you and to help you to make a difference.  Never take advantage of these gifts but use them with the right purpose and a pure heart.