How to Release Soul Contracts

How to Release Soul Contracts

Soul contracts are loving spiritual acts being two people that are committed to helping each other grow.  However, it is important to understand the who, what, when and why or soul contracts in order to help you release soul contracts that are no longer beneficial to you.  But how can you help end a soul contract without harming your relationship with your loved one?

Read on to discover how to navigate the dynamic of common soul contracts.

  1. Martyrdom Soul Contract

Do you find it difficult to say “no” to people you love?  If so, you may have a tendency to put the needs of others ahead of your own, even when it negatively impacts your life.  You justify this pattern by telling yourself that sacrificing your own happiness to better the lives of others helps make you a good person.

When martyrdom becomes a problem is when you experience immense frustration with your life, feel constantly exhausted and like nothing you contribute matters to anyone.  Breaking this soul contract will allow you to make more empowered decisions to provide optimal aid at the point it will be needed the most.  As you begin to prioritize self-care you will find you have increase energy and resources to share with others and facilitate a more balanced lifestyle.

  1. Loyalty Soul Contract

This contract states you must stand by someone you care for, no matter what!  It doesn’t matter if they show you respect or not, you will advocate for them and their needs.  Unfortunately, this soul contact may mean that others take advantage of your good graces.  You might feel compelled to change the dynamic, but energetically the other person won’t let you.  You must overcome these barriers for your own wellbeing. Only at the end of this contract will your spirit be free to make critical alterations to your life and enable you both to enjoy a healthy relationship.

  1. Loneliness Soul Contract

Are you a person that always seem to be in search for a partner or one that loses friends easily?  Then perhaps you unknowingly entered into a loneliness soul contract.  Sure, you may have found some amazing people during your blitz of speed dates, dating apps or showing up to the latest hotspot, but these people flit out of your life as quickly as they entered.  Work with your intuition to understand why you might have created this style of contract initially and explain that it is no longer serving you.  Only when you break this soul contract of loneliness will you be able to receive and maintain the levels of loving support you need and deserve.

  1. Anxiety Soul Contract

If you are someone that always feels on edge, it might be time to break this soul contract.  By releasing you bonds to anxiety you will understand what you should and shouldn’t worry over.  You will enjoy a better sense of trust within yourself and the world around you.  You will learn to enjoy the journey, rather than fear the unknown.

  1. Bubble wrap Soul Contract

You might be in this contract if you crave safety, predictability and worry about how society might perceive you.  Although it is common for us to want to protect ourselves, it should never come at the expense of feeling free to interact with the world around us.  When you free yourself from this contract you will feel a renewed sense of empowerment and experience the ability to bravely explore new opportunities and live an authentic life.

Ways to Release Soul Contracts

First, understand that you can’t simply break any soul contract on a whim.  You must delve deep inside to learn why your soul made this contract and how it has both helped and hindered you.  By understanding the issue, you can create steps to release the bind.  Bravely look objectively at how the contract is affecting you and others in your life.  As you grow in awareness you will be able to see, and ultimately, shed more layers.  The releases come gradually in moments of clarity.  Be empowered to meditate and even write down the insights you gain and decision you feel compelled to make.  This can accelerate the process of releasing the contract.  Typically, there is no set way to end a contract.  Work with your inner wisdom to do what feel best for you.