Know Your Passion Style and How It Affects Your Relationship


iStock_000017097256Small-640x425Passion is a strong emotion or desire that burns inside us and helps us make our goals in life come true. Everyone has their own style of passion that is absolutely unique to us. We can be earthy, fiery, airy-mental or watery-emotional in our common way of expression.

In life, joy and fulfillment come from finding a way to balance and channel those potent energies you feel into a form of self-expression that others can appreciate. Not only is it worth knowing your passion type, it’s also worth noting the type of person who will be responding to your passions. If no thought is given to how they see and hear you, your personal passion power could backfire!

Fire Passion

If you are a fiery type, without your passion you wouldn’t get out of bed in the morning to face another day. You truly light up a room when you express your fervor in a joyous manner. Then again, you can terrify others when you go over the top with it. That heat is perfect for someone you love at the right temperature for them. A watery or earthy type will want to have some sense of safety in the midst of the fun. The airy type wants those sexy words to fire them up.

When you find that special someone, don’t let your enthusiasm overwhelm their personal desires. Listen to their dreams and fears and use that eternal warmth of yours to spark their self-esteem. Then you’ll have found the perfect way to their heart. Also, don’t “flame out” by burning too intensely and quickly. Make certain that you take time for your interests so that you don’t lose interest in them either.

Earthy Passion

hawaii-elopementIf your passions are earthy, you want to know that whatever you do is building a solid foundation for a beautiful way of living. Others are naturally attracted to your down-to-earth, joyous approach to life and all that it offers. Just be certain not to smother someone you love with your practical approach to life.

Always remember that no matter how comfortable you make them and their surroundings, it has to feel magical too. Your beloved wants to know that they’re worthy of your rich, sexy energy. And sexy, you are! You might come off a bit too gritty for the airy type, so be aware of their responses and be sensitive to their needs. Just make certain you’re in sync with the fiery type or sensitive to the emotional type and all will go well.

Airy Passion

The world often underestimates the subtle power of airy, mental types. Yet, your passions are strong, and we all recognize the truth in the phrase, “Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” Hurricanes and tornadoes get our attention too! In love, you are driven by your ideas and you  love as passionately as other types.

You’re all about idealizing another, and as amazing as that special one is, they’ll stumble sometimes. Let them be human too. Also, don’t let the subtlety of your style go over your love object’s head. Make certain that your words of love are accompanied by intimate caresses and clear, sexual references if that’s what you want. Just don’t let your words of love get ahead of you until you have established that your lover is comfortable and that the desires are mutual.

Watery Passion

images (14)As a watery type you are a constant flow of passion. You don’t blow hot and cold as fiery and airy types do. Your love is constant and deeply loyal. Just be aware that if you’re dealing with someone quicker to passion and distraction, they could perceive you as a bit relentless in your needs and desires.

These fiery or airy types will come back to you if you give them breathing room. Just don’t take it personally when they flame up, say you’re the most important person to them, and then get wrapped up in work, sports, music or whatever their passions may be. They’ll be just as hot for you, once that interest is fulfilled if you give them some freedom.

Earthy types love your steady style and gentleness. Just don’t take their focus on no-nonsense realities as a lack of sensitivity to you. Wait for the perfect moment and their adoration will be clear. Your main challenge is your own insecurities. Don’t look for the negatives in their responses. They may just have other concerns and they missed something that you thought was understood.

Life without passion wouldn’t be worth living. In fact, it wouldn’t exist! So use it wisely, knowing that you are loved and the person who truly loves you will delight in your special expression of your own vital nature.