What is a Professional Psychic Phone or Email Reading?


images (14)What Are Your Expectations from a Professional Psychic Reading?

Some of my clients ask what I do for a living. I answer them cautiously because not everyone feels easy speaking to a professional psychic. They oftentimes think that I would look at and judge their deepest secrets. Nothing could be farther from the truth! Here’s what a good reading can do for you.

A genuinely experienced psychic will not judge anything in or around your life. If any of us have truly lived our lives to the fullest, we, as humans, will also have made decisions that might have, at first appeared as mistakes. All of us are a culmination of our best, our worst, and our infinite possibilities. A good psychic walks you through the challenges and into the best (and often softest) place to land. From a good reading, you will know what is ahead and your psychic will help you prepare to embrace the changes.

We Help You Birth Your Spiritual Self

Just as a nurse midwife helps a young mother through the intensity of childbirth, so should a good psychic help you through the challenges of emotionally and psychically birthing your spiritual self. Professional psychics have a great deal of experience in walking between the dimensions of the seen and unseen worlds. We are here to share a gift that we have gleaned, studied and developed over many years, and sometimes, generations. We know many of the processes your spiritual self will take as it develops through its changes and we can help steer you away from the dangers and pitfalls that can often make spiritual evolution even more difficult.

We’re Sharing a Moment in Space and Timeb005_1001_1

A trusted psychic is more than a disembodied voice over the phone. This is a person who shares a moment in time and space with you and literally feels and sees into your world. A good psychic finishes a reading with a part of themselves blended with the caller. We are part of your world and you are part of ours.

We’re Your Counselors

Some psychics (me included) have expanded their gifts and applied them to the practical aspects of counseling. Some are trained and licensed therapists. Some are Certified Life Coaches. Some even teach in these fields. Having a psychic as your go-to person when you need clarity, guidance or comfort is an idea that has been around for a very long time.

How Much is Your Peace of Mind Really Worth?

You might feel that consulting a psychic is an exorbitant or frivolous expense. Nothing could be further from the truth! How much is your peace of mind really worth? When you have consulted with a psychic and her/his predictions have come true or you simply leave the reading with a new sense of direction, those moments can empower you to do things that no other service can offer. These good feelings are priceless.

Pure Energy and True Interactions

Ask yourself how many times you have called and walked away from a reading feeling more balanced and settled than when you initially picked up the phone. For those of you who are considering a reading, know that your heart is in good hands! We are trained professionals and we will not judge you or break your confidence in any way. A reading with a psychic when neither of you can actually see each other is based on pure energy and true psychic interactions. It is the ultimate confessional, best friend and comfort zone all rolled into one!