The Difference Between Soul Mate and Past Life Connection


Meeting Your Soul Matesoulmate

Have you ever met someone that you have an instant connection with? Have you ever met someone only to discover that you feel like you’ve known them forever? Or do you have a relationship in your life you know is not good for you, but somehow this person has an “unexplainable” hold over you ?

Are they your Soul Mate? Or just a past life connection?


It’s confusing and frustrating to have undeniable chemistry with someone, even feeling they are “the one,” yet it isn’t working out. A magnetic force/connection seems to exist between the two of you. You could even find yourself ignoring your intuition and ethical code with this intoxicating, all-consuming, and addicting pull.

Your Heart Aches

It was either a perfect romance that ended (and all communication stopped), a romance that can’t seem to begin, or it’s an up/down, back-and-forth, off/on again experience. There were commitment issues, even cheating, and/or it seems impossible to leave this disrupting and unhealthy relationship. You can’t seem to get them off your mind and even more distressing, no matter what happened, your heart aches for this person. You cannot seem to move on and there’s a deep need to resolve things or at least have closure.

Karmic Connections 

These are examples of a past life or karmic connection, and you are not meant to be together in this lifetime. This person may actually have represented unfinished business needed to complete lessons for your soul’s growth and to help you bring in your soul mate. Understanding the differences between a past life connection and a soul mate allows us to release these connections and move on. You don’t have to stop loving this person or forget about them. Just for now, put them in a special place in your heart, appreciate what they brought into your life, and place them on a shelf. As you open up to connecting with your soul mate, the intensity from a karmic or past life connection fades.

past lifeThis happened for me. I continued having intense past life karmic connections, until I finally changed my definition of what love is. When I first met my husband, I thought, “He’s cute, but he’s not my type.” Later, when we were engaged, I thought about how my so called “type” had not worked out so well. I realized my husband was my upgraded type and the perfect soul mate for me. Our type is often repeated karmic/past life attractions we’ve been stuck in. Seeing these patterns, and wanting to change your definition of what love is, you’ll discover you can create a new, improved type, exactly right for you.

Defining Love 

Our childhood environment, influences and role models,determine our definition of love. This definition continues to bring us what is familiar. As we learn lessons and grow, our very vibration raises our ability to attract people to our higher frequency. Our life partner can then come in, as we have done our work to receive them.

Something Needs Healing 

A past life connection or karmic relationship often triggers something needing healing, forgiveness and growth. These relationships often stir up heavy emotions, presenting the opportunities to progress and to step into a life expansion and soul advancement.

We’ve all experienced hardships, traumas, forms of abuse and adverse circumstances. Life can seem very unfair until we allow and receive the gifts of healing, growth, wisdom and the ability to help others.

Uncharted Waters will_you_find_true_love_this_valentines_day_2

A soul mate is a well-matched person who walks with you as a friend or in a love relationship. A soul mate has a subtle, comfortable, stable-feeling energetic connection. It feels as though you are home and, it can take some getting used to. It did for me. It’s very different from an intense, drama-stimulated chemistry connection that can throw you off balance. I dealt with a lot of anxiety as I dated my husband. My normal patterns and definitions of love were changing. I was in uncharted waters.

With a soul mate, there’s a deep connection with a sense of peace and trust in one another. You feel heard, understood and supported. You share similar desires and interests, and have a solid friendship. You feel encouraged and uplifted. You are each other’s priority while still attending to your own personal, spiritual and physical needs.

You will still have lessons to learn together, adjustments to make as you come together as a couple, and continued soul growth and then shedding old patterns, etc. The difference is you work through things, it’s a healthy relationship and you grow together.



  1. It’s interesting how the author suggests that karmic relationships serve as lessons for soul growth. The distinction between the intensity of a karmic connection and the peace of a soul mate relationship is quite profound. It makes me reflect on personal experiences and their roles in my own journey.

  2. The article provides an insightful differentiation between past life connections and soul mates. The notion of evolving our definition of love based on personal growth is particularly thought-provoking. It emphasizes the importance of recognizing unhealthy patterns and redefining them for a healthier relationship.

  3. The concept of a soul mate being someone who brings stability and comfort contrasts sharply with the often chaotic nature of past life connections. I appreciate the article’s perspective on how these different types of relationships contribute to our personal development and readiness for a healthier partnership.

  4. The discussion about childhood influences shaping our definition of love and how we can change this through self-awareness and growth is compelling. The contrast between karmic connections and soul mate relationships helps clarify why some relationships feel so tumultuous while others provide a sense of peace and mutual support.

  5. The article sheds light on the often confusing dynamics of intense emotional connections. I find the idea that these connections are meant to teach us important lessons and help us evolve quite enlightening. The notion of placing past relationships ‘on a shelf’ to make space for a more fulfilling partnership is a useful metaphor.


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